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In the first 6 months of 2022, Tuyen Quang is estimated to attract more than 1.2 million tourists, up 17.6%; total revenue from tourists reached VND 1,238 billion, up 16.2% over the same period in 2021... These are impressive numbers for the strong recovery of the tourism industry after a long time of being frozen by Covid-19 epidemic.

Synchronizing solutions to "stimulate demand"

After the Covid-19 epidemic was controlled, Tuyen Quang quickly implemented synchronous solutions to "stimulate" tourism, thanks to which the tourism market became active again, creating jobs, stabilizing people's lives. people. The province has successfully organized the first International Hot Air Balloon Festival in 2022. This is an impressive highlight to open the Tuyen Quang Tourism Year 2022. Not only is it a unique tourism product, it also brings experiences. New to the people and visitors, the Hot Air Balloon Festival is really an important milestone, marking the rapid, strong and effective return of the tourism industry. The Vietnam Record Organization has awarded the certificate of the largest International Balloon Festival in Vietnam to Tuyen Quang province.

Mr. Le Thanh Son, Deputy Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism said that in order to achieve the goal of welcoming 2.2 million visitors to Tuyen Quang in 2022, social revenue from tourism reached more than VND 2,300 billion… the industry has actively implemented many synchronous solutions, promoting tourism development in the province, focusing on renewing tourism products to attract tourists.


Visitors experience at Homestay Dau Chan Tien in Ban Lanh village, Phuc Son commune (Lam Binh). Photo: Scene Live

The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has effectively maintained the Smart Tourism Portal, promoting Tuyen Quang tourism information at and the "TuyenQuang tourism" app for devices. mobile, tablet. Completed construction of virtual reality tourism (VR 360) with 18 prominent tourist attractions in Na Hang - Lam Binh and some tourist attractions in Tuyen Quang city…

The Provincial Tourism Area Management Board has coordinated with functional sectors and localities to effectively implement solutions to promote tourism development after the pandemic. Mr. Do Trung Kien, Head of the Management Board of the Provincial Tourist Areas, said: The Management Board has accompanied the localities to build new experience tourism products and services based on the exploitation of natural resources, the strengths of the tourism industry. local culture and landscape. Currently, the Management Board is effectively operating the website; 4 Fanpage pages: Management Board of Tourist Areas of Tuyen Quang Province, Tan Trao Tourism, Na Hang Tourism, My Lam Mineral Spring Resort to receive and process information, support tourists 24/24 days of week.

Localities grasping the opportunity to control the epidemic have stepped up solutions to attract tourists. Many times at tourist areas in the area, services are "burned out". Comrade Nguyen Trong Doan, Vice Chairman of Na Hang District People's Committee excitedly said: The district has restarted night market activities and pedestrian streets, actively promoting tourism stimulus activities. The district has successfully organized the Na Hang District Culture and Tourism Week in 2022 with many rich activities, attracting a large number of tourists to visit and experience such as picnics at Phieng Bung Forest Park, Nang Kha Commune, eco-tourism in Tuyen Quang hydropower reservoir; develop activities to help visitors experience more such as camping, hunting clouds, catching fish by hand, making cakes, rice lam, sticky rice with five colors and dishes of ethnic minorities. In addition, the district develops spiritual tourism, community tourism and develops a model to welcome tourists to experience seasonal experiences such as the pear flower festival, terraced fields, canola flowers, etc.


Visitors experience rice milling and pounding activities at Tan Trao (Son Duong).

Mr. Luong Duy Doanh, Director of 5-star Tourism Company, owner of Homestay Nam Dip and Homestay Ban Bon (Lam Binh) said: After the Covid-19 epidemic was controlled, the company combined with travel agencies. regional links, route links to enhance the experience for visitors. The company organizes tourism products to explore (trekking) vegetation, primeval forests, special-use forests, caves, waterfalls; organize for tourists to ride bicycles to feel the natural scenery of Lam Binh. In particular, the company also helps visitors experience the daily life of indigenous people such as participating in making banh day, ant egg cake, catching fish in the stream, etc. guests enthusiastically participated, attracting a large number of tourists from brands such as Vietravel, Saigon tourist; Hanoi tourist, Red tour… to Lam Binh, Na Hang.

As a tourist who has returned to Tan Trao Special National Monument many times, Mr. Be Van Du (in De La Thanh - Hanoi) shared: Tan Trao tourist area has great tourism potential, as a " revolutionary museum", very useful for everyone. About Tan Trao, he also heard Then singing, swimming array   on Na Nua lake, experience check-in Vinh Tan Tea Village (Son Duong); milled rice, baked rice lam; The experience of foot bath with heirloom leaves... is really interesting for every visitor when coming here.

Promising attractive travel activities

In order for tourism to become an important economic sector, effectively exploiting the potentials and advantages of tourism, the province will continue to implement specific solutions in the coming time.

Immediately after the Covid-19 epidemic was controlled, the number of tourists visiting Thuong Temple,
Trang Da commune (Tuyen Quang city) started to increase again. Photo: Ton Bao

The key task during this time is being focused by the province, the Culture, Sports and Tourism sector and localities to prepare to hold the Ceremony to receive the registration certificate "Then practice of the Tay, Nung, Thai in Vietnam" on the list of Representative Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and prepare to organize Thanh Tuyen Festival in 2022 at the end of August, beginning of September 2022. Within the framework of the Welcome Ceremony and Thanh Tuyen Festival, there are many meaningful and attractive activities such as organizing bicycle races, tennis, table tennis; Tuyen Quang Culture Day in Hanoi; Program of association, cooperation in tourism development; Trade Fair - Tourism; Finalist, summary and award of the contest "Learning about revolutionary historical sites in Tuyen Quang province" and the contest "Beautiful travel photos of Tuyen Quang in 2022", the final of the contest "Beauty of Tuyen Quang" ... and cultural, sports and tourism activities of localities in the province in response to the event, ready for a stronger, more attractive and effective return of Tuyen Quang tourism industry.
The province has implemented infrastructure development solutions to attract tourists to Tuyen Quang. Accordingly, the province is speeding up the construction of Tuyen Quang - Phu Tho highway connecting with Hanoi - Lao Cai highway; implementing steps to build Tuyen Quang - Ha Giang expressway; opening a new route from Tam Da commune (Son Duong) to Tuyen Quang city connecting with Vinh Phuc province and the road from Ham Yen district (from Tuyen Quang - Ha Giang expressway) to Chiem Hoa district to Na Hang district connecting with the bed of Na Hang and Ba Be lakes of Bac Kan province. This is a long-term and strategic development direction for Tuyen Quang to become a destination for tourists, ensuring sustainable tourism development.

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