Chiem Hoa needs to focus on developing Ban Ba waterfall tourism associated with community tourism

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On the morning of March 22, the working group deployed a number of cultural, sports and tourism fields of the province led by comrade Hoang Viet Phuong, member of the Provincial Party Executive Committee, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee. survey and actual assessment of the implementation of the construction of Ban Ba Village Cultural and Tourism Village, Ban Ba Waterfall eco-tourism site; Working with Chiem Hoa District People's Committee on the implementation situation and results of implementing the province's resolutions, programs, projects, schemes and plans in the fields of culture, sports and tourism in the area. Accompanying the delegation were leaders of a number of relevant departments and branches of the province.

The working group worked with Chiem Hoa district leaders.

According to Chiem Hoa district's report, in 2023 the district will welcome 135 thousand visitors. Currently, the district has two national landscapes: Tat Lua waterfall, Hoa Phu commune; Ban Ba waterfall, Trung Ha commune and many provincial scenic spots, Ga Pass stopover point.

The district has 145 historical, cultural and scenic relics, including 1 special national relic Kim Binh, Kim Binh commune, 1 national treasure of Bao Ninh Sung Phuc stele, Yen Nguyen commune; 9 national monuments, 58 provincial monuments.

The whole district has 46 accommodation establishments, including 14 homestays. Many traditional festivals, culinary products, stilt house architecture, customs and practices of ethnic minorities, typically the Tay people, are preserved and promoted...

Implementing Resolution No. 29 of the Provincial Party Committee on developing tourism to become an important economic sector of the province, Chiem Hoa district focuses on choosing to build 2 typical tourism products: Ban Ba waterfall tourism associated with community tourism; Chiem Hoa Long Tong Festival Tourism. However, planning and construction are in the early stages, infrastructure still has many difficulties, especially the road system, and people's awareness of tourism is still limited.

Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Hoang Viet Phuong said that the district needs to promote the work of preserving and promoting national cultural identity in the locality.

Speaking at the meeting, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Hoang Viet Phuong highly appreciated Chiem Hoa district for identifying and building two typical and outstanding tourism products. Resolution No. 29 was seriously implemented by the district, clearly demonstrated.

He affirmed that Chiem Hoa has a lot of potential in terms of natural landscape, historical relics, cultural identity, and outstanding products, but the development is not commensurate with the potential. Through the working survey of the Working Group, he suggested that Chiem Hoa district focus on developing culture, sports and tourism with focus, focus, find resources, prioritize infrastructure construction, supporting services for tourism development.

Along with that, highlight the role of the party committee and government, coordination with departments and branches of the province, and have good policies to attract many organizations and individuals with financial capacity and reputation in business. Invest in tourist areas, attractions, and tourism products.

The working group inspected tourism development and environmental protection at Ban Ba waterfall tourist area.

Chiem Hoa has clearly identified the advantages of tourism, the next work must be more drastic in directing, operating, reviewing goals and targets, based on reality to build outstanding tourism products, especially Display your brand in a methodical and professional manner.

For communes in tourist areas, it is necessary to do good planning work, pay attention to preserving the landscape, traditional cultural identity, green, clean, and beautiful living environment. He emphasized that if you want to develop community tourism and rural tourism, preserving and promoting national cultural identity is vital. The district also needs to have a solution to develop tourism potential in the Chiem Hoa hydropower reservoir area...

According to Tuyen Quang Online Newspaper

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