Top 16 beautiful and attractive tourist destinations in Tuyen Quang

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Tuyen Quang is known as a place with many rich landscapes and historical sites, Let's experience it now

Tuyen Quang has many diverse historical and cultural sites, where the majority of ethnic minorities live in the northern mountainous region. This is a strong point of Tuyen Quang land attracting tourists:

1. Nguyen Tat Thanh Square

Nguyen Tat Thanh Square

Quality Rating: 4.5/5 (Rated by Google)

Address: August 17, Tan Quang Ward, Tuyen Quang

Opening hours: Open all day weekdays

Ticket price: Free

Advantages:   The square is cool and clean. Many games for children. There is Ho Chi Minh temple which looks very ancient. The sidewalk toad shop has many unique features of Tuyen Quang.

Cons:  Usually crowded with tourists visiting on holidays, it is inevitable to have problems with environmental sanitation.

As a place of entertainment and entertainment in Tuyen Quang city, this place is a place to educate the young generation about the unity and pride of the people of Tuyen Quang with the great old father of the nation. The space here is clean and beautiful, the wind blowing from the Lo River is very airy and cool in the dark.

In addition, the square is also a place to organize major political - social - cultural activities. On weekdays, this place is an entertainment area for children, game activities such as racing, fishing, sand painting, statue painting, etc. take place very bustling. It is a place for tourists to come to check-in in Tuyen Quang city, a place for adults to sit and chat and watch children play.

2. Tuyen Quang Provincial Museum

Tuyen Quang Provincial Museum

Quality Rating: 4.2/5 (Rated by Google)

Address: Group 19, Phan Thiet Ward, Tuyen Quang City

Opening hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm (All week)

Ticket price: Free

Advantages: Free ticket price, can visit many historical sites and learn about the culture of the province

Cons: Closes early

Tuyen Quang Provincial Museum was formerly known as Ha Tuyen Provincial Museum, the museum was renamed after separating Tuyen Quang and Ha Giang provinces.

Tuyen Quang Provincial Museum has a unique architecture, is a place to store many historical and cultural relics and also a place to carry out many scientific research projects in many aspects of the province. This will be the right place to visit if you want to have an overview of this locality.

3. Tuyen Quang Monument

Tuyen Quang Monument

Quality Rating: 4.6/5 (Rated by Google)

Address: WardPhan Thiet, Tuyen Quang

Opening hours: Open all day weekdays

Ticket price: Free

Advantages:  The memorial lake is an ideal place for couples to go on a date, not only that, but there is also a playground for children to experience. In the mornings, the elderly do exercises to maintain health. Charming and poetic landscape.

Cons:  Just a sightseeing and photography area without other activities.

Tuyen Quang Monument is one of 20 typical architectural works in Vietnam, located on a hill in the middle of a lake and a green park. With a unique design, the dome looks up from afar, just like the canopy of an ancient banyan tree or like a lotus. Located in a complex of lakes, green parks, and windy on all sides, it gives you a feeling of lightness and relaxation amidst the chaos of life.

This place commemorates fallen heroes and martyrs, they used their lives to exchange for independence and freedom for the country, perhaps because of this, this place attracts tourists from near and far, partly coming to light a candle. memorial incense, the rest is mesmerized by the scenery, the natural atmosphere at this Tuyen Quang memorial!

4. Summer Temple

Đền Hạ Tuyên Quang

Summer Temple

Quality Rating: 4.6/5 (Rated by Google)

Address: Victory Song Lo, Tan Quang ward, Tuyen Quang

Opening hours: Open all day weekdays

Ticket price: Free

Advantages:  The temple is sacred and also a place to visit for tourists from all over the world. Peaceful, poetic landscape. Located right in the city center, easy to get around.

Cons:  As a sightseeing place, there are not many services and fun games.

This place has  unique architecture and peaceful, relaxing natural scenery that anyone who has set foot in this place is fascinated and attached. It will be an ideal destination at the beginning of the year, with a huge festival at the Lower Temple, which is also famous for its spirituality and fulfillment. The temple worships Mother Thuong Ngan, Princess Phuong Dung, son of King Hung.

This place is associated with the legend that in the past, the king ordered two princesses to survey the customs and habits, when they arrived in Tuyen Quang at that time, they encountered a big storm at midnight and the two girls flew to the sky. Later, people in the land of Tuyen Quang spread word of mouth, where there was a thunderstorm, they went to the Ha temple to pray that the accident would be over.

The temple is built in the foreign direction, very unique. The main direction of the temple is overlooking the Lo River. Because of these things, Ha Temple attracts many tourists from near and far, is the most spiritual place in Tuyen Quang.

5. Na Hang eco-tourism area

Khu du lịch sinh thái Na Hang

Na Hang eco-tourism area

Address:  TT. Na Hang, Na Hang, Tuyen Quang

Open: 8h00 - 17h00 every day of the week

Advantages:  The lake on the mountain has emerald green water, very beautiful, cool water, charming landscape.

Cons:  The boat is not comfortable. It will be very difficult for people with seasickness.

As one of the most attractive tourist destinations here, you will be attracted by the charming, poetic and mysterious scenery. Sit on a small boat and admire all the poetic and majestic scenery that mother nature favors in Na Hang.

In addition to admiring the picturesque natural scenery, you can also exchange and learn about the culture in this place. Na Hang eco-tourism area is a place that you definitely cannot miss when coming to Tuyen Quang!

6. Pac Ta Temple

Đền Pắc Tạ

Pac Ta Temple

Quality Rating: 4.6/5 (Rated by Google)

Address: Khau Tinh, Na Hang, Tuyen Quang

Opening hours: Open all day every day of the week

Advantages:   Pac Ta Na Hang Temple - Extremely attractive Spiritual Destination located at the foot of Pac Ta mountain has vestiges of an ancient temple. Beautiful scenery, poetic.

Cons:  As a sightseeing place, there are not many services and fun games.

One of the most sacred places in Tuyen Quang,  located at the foot of Pac Ta mountain - the intersection between heaven and earth. Pac Ta Temple attracts many tourists because this place is associated with historical sites and majestic natural scenery.

The temple to worship and commemorate the fiancee of General Tran Nhat Duat - the talented general guarding Tuyen Quang land at that time, is a historical relic that left the mark of our country against the Nguyen - Mong army for the second time. (1285). With cultural and historical values, Pac Ta temple is an attractive destination for tourists from near and far.

7. Mo Waterfall

Thác Pác Ban – Wikipedia tiếng Việt

Mo Waterfall

Quality Rating: 4.2/5 (Rated by Google)

Address:  QL279, TT. Na Hang, Na Hang, Tuyen Quang

Opening hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm every day of the week

Advantages:  Fresh air, cool spring water, beautiful pristine scenery.

Cons:  Low average service quality.

True to the name "Mo waterfall", the scenery at the waterfall is very dreamy and mysterious. For young people who love to explore and take risks, this is a suitable place. Mo Waterfall is likened by people to a place of "bending fairyland", letting yourself watch the large waterfalls and small waterfalls flowing down next to the high mountains that overlap, the message is extremely wonderful.

This will be a memorable destination if you are adventurous and love to explore unspoiled and rich nature.

8. Song Long Cave

Động Song Long

Song Long Cave

Address: Thuong Lam Commune, Lam Binh District, Tuyen Quang Province

Ticket price: About 100,000 VND/ticket

Advantages: Beautiful landscape, open space


Song Long cave is located in Lam Ha commune (Lam Binh). Song Long Cave is a very famous sightseeing spot in Tuyen Quang, visited by many domestic and foreign tourists.

Song Long Cave is impressed by stalactites with attractive and outstanding colors. The space in the cave is also very cool, airy and quiet that many tourists love.

9. Tan Trao tourist area

Khu du lịch Tân Trào

Tan Trao tourist area

Quality Rating: 4.5/5 (Rated by Google)

Location: Tan Lap village, Tan Trao commune, Son Duong district, Tuyen Quang province

Ticket price: About 20,000 VND/person

Advantages: Beautiful scenery, cool

Cons: Few attractions

Tan Trao tourist area is located in the complex of Tan Trao special national relic site. This is a place to visit imbued with the heroic history of the nation.

The most prominent Tan Trao tourist area is Tan Trao Dinh, which was built in the 6th year of King Tu Duc (1853). With many historical and feng shui meanings, this is a place you must visit when coming to Sightseeing.

10. My Lam mineral spring area

Khu suối khoáng Mỹ Lâm

My Lam mineral spring area

Location: My Lam Ward, Tuyen Quang City, Tuyen Quang Province

Ticket price: About 120,000 - 350,000 VND/person

Advantages: Beautiful scenery, many entertainment activities

Cons: High ticket price

Only about 13km from the center of Tuyen Quang city, My Lam mineral spring area is an extremely suitable place for you to travel and relax in Tuyen Quang.

This mineral spring area in addition to relaxing mineral spring bath, you can also participate in many other entertainment activities .

11. Phia Vai Cave

Opening: 7:00 AM - Closing: 6:00 AM ONLY
Address: Lon Ho, Khuon Ha Commune, Lam Binh District, Tuyen Quang Province

Hang Phia Vài

Phia Vai Cave

Phia Vai cave ruins are one of the famous Na Hang tourist attractions. This is a typical archeological site. Here researchers have seen a lot of ancient heritage. When coming to Phia Vai, you can witness with your own eyes many heritages from ancient times, thereby contributing to understanding more about the national culture.

Where is Hang Phia Vai address?

Phia Vai cave relic is located in Khuon Ha commune, Lam Binh district, Tuyen Quang province. The cave is located in the Na Hang lake area of Tuyen Quang Hydropower Plant. In 2005, Tuyen Quang Museum and Institute of Archeology unearthed primitive human remains at Phia Vai Cave.

Researchers believe that the remains are the remains of people who died in the supine position with knees bent. This burial posture is one of the familiar burial postures of Hoa Binh cultural residents. There are also thousands of labor tools dating back to the Hoa Binh culture.

The semi-fossil animal remains found in Phia Vai show the human history at the transition from Canh Tan to Toan Tan of our country. In addition, relics such as fire stoves and graves help us to understand more about burial customs and spiritual life of prehistoric residents in the past.

What's so beautiful about discovering the ruins of Phia Vai cave?

When coming here, visitors will be introduced to artifacts, understand more about Hoa Binh cultural area. All the relics at Phia Vai Cave show about the historical development of mankind. When you come here, you can see the heritage with your own eyes and somewhat understand more about this cultural area. The knowledge about Hoa Binh culture and history is very interesting.

In addition, when coming to Khuon Ha cave, it is very convenient for visitors to explore tourist attractions in Na Hang eco-tourism area. Here are a few points to help you plan your trip in the most reasonable way.

12. Nam Me Waterfall

Nam Me Waterfall

Nam Me Waterfall is located in Khuon Ha Commune, Lam Binh District. Nam Me (Tay language) means Mother Waterfall, Mother Stream. The waterfall originates from the vast forests of the Na Hang - Lam Binh Nature Reserve and falls into the Hat Nghien mountain area, Khuon Ha commune, forming Nam Me waterfall. The waterfall from the top of the mountain, flows down to the downstream and then merges into the river bed. As a typical large waterfall in the region, with a length of about 4,000m, over 200m above sea level with 15 large cascades, interspersed between large cascades are small cascades with fairly regular water flow all year round. . The waterfall has a wide and airy surface, the water flows in four seasons, weaving through the primeval forests and limestone mountains, and the ancient forest trees are characterized by rare and precious woods in the tropics, adjacent to the lake surface. so the scenery is beautiful and attractive. The waterfall has many floors, the water flows strongly, foaming on the white cliffs. The small water drops follow the wind to create a cool space. Visitors climbing to the top is the main waterfall floor, the waterfall falls from above looking like "fairy hair in the middle of a thousand".

With its own beauty, Nam Me Waterfall will be an attractive attraction for every visitor, as well as an interesting attraction for adventurous travelers at Na Hang - Lam Binh Ecological Lake, when the waterfall Nam Me has been put into operation. With ecological value and majestic and romantic beauty, Nam Me waterfall has been recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as a national scenic spot that needs to be protected and promoted.

13. Ban Ba Waterfall tourist area

Ban Ba Waterfall tourist area

Address: Ban Ba Village, Trung Ha Commune, Chiem Hoa District, Tuyen Quang Province

Lao revolutionary historical relic site belongs to Ngoi village and Da Ban village, My Bang commune, Yen Son district, Tuyen Quang province. Here, from 1950 - 1951, was the residence and working place of Lao revolutionary leaders - Prince Suphanuvong, Comrade Kaysonphonvihan and many high-ranking Lao comrades. This place marks the friendly relationship between the Lao revolution and the Vietnamese revolution, built from special historical, geographical and revolutionary sentiments. At the end of December 1950, Uncle Ho visited Prince Suphanuvong and held talks with the leaders of the Lao revolution on building a genuine Marxist-Leninist Party in Laos.
With particularly important historical values and significance of the Lao revolutionary relic site, in 1991, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism ranked it as a national relic. The Lao revolutionary relic site has been restored, preserved and embellished, including the residence and work of Prince Suphanuvong, the master stele house, event steles and internal roads in the relic site.

14. Dong Tien National Landscape

Khám phá vẻ đẹp của động Tiên Tuyên Quang

Dong Tien National Landscape

Address: Yen Phu Commune, Ham Yen District, Tuyen Quang Province

KM 56, on Tuyen Quang - Ha Giang road. Tien cave is a cave complex including: Thien Dinh cave, Dan Da cave, Thien Cung cave, Tam Cung cave, Thach Sinh cave, Am Phu cave, Kim Quy god ... an interesting natural landscape located in the area. Village 2, Thong Nhat Yen Phu Commune, Ham Yen District, Tuyen Quang Province. Tien cave is about 200m from National Highway No. 2 to the right. The common feature is that the caves have many stalactite blocks that look very similar to the shapes of all things in the world such as the image of Tien Ong playing chess, the image of Ba Ba, Crocodile, Dinosaur and hundreds of animals from all corners of the world. Especially, on the high and wide stone arch is a picture of a Linh Dieu spreading its wings wide, carrying a young girl flying into the cave, reminding visitors of the Thach Sanh fairy tale. Entering the main cave, we meet a stone pillar with a blank sky carved on the ceiling, with a shimmering, fanciful color. Behind the Stone Pillar, stands a marble block in the shape of a woman standing in a semicircle. This is a statue of  pregnant mother.

Entering the innermost cave wall, we see the five-storey fairy altar. Sitting on the fairy altar is the Seventh Fairy in a prayerful posture. The worried face exudes the gentle tolerance and the desire to live, the desire to love of humanity on earth with the vast universe. Visiting the system of caves, people will from one surprise to another, you can't help but marvel at the granite stalactites forming sparkling stone pillars like an ancient palace, enjoy the sounds of The melodious sound of the stone lutes plays like an invitation to attract visitors to the melodious music when the wind blows on the cliffs. From the Two Doors cave to the top of the mountain to explore the majestic height of nature, a little stop to watch the "little bamboo" forest to enjoy the cool breeze blowing through. Conquering the peak, visitors have the opportunity to admire the "God Turtle", he sits on high, his head is facing the south, Touching the hand of Kim Quy god to pray for good luck and peace to everyone. Zoom out to enjoy the vastness of heaven and earth, admire the peaceful beauty of the village and pray for good things in life.

15. Hong Thai terraced fields

Hong Thai terraced fields

Time: Ripe rice season

Address: Hong Thai Commune, Na Hang District, Tuyen Quang Province

Located at an altitude of over 1,200 meters above sea level, Hong Thai terraced fields in Khau Trang village, Hong Thai commune, 50km from the center of Na Hang district, are one of the highest communes in the province. Coming to Hong Thai, tourists are surprised by the beauty of terraced fields. Each strip of golden rice waves winding on the side of the mountain has captivated people's hearts. The whole commune has a total area of rice terraces of 82 hectares, most concentrated in Khau Trang village, distributed along the inter-commune road, around the center of Hong Thai commune. The fields are sometimes located in the middle of the mountain, close to the road, sometimes connecting from the top of the mountain down to the stream with an altitude of nearly 100m. The terraced fields here are considered as one of the most beautiful terraced landscapes in the province, considered a "great creative work" of the Dao Tien people.

At the end of March, the terraced fields of Hong Thai are filled with water from small creeks in the high mountains, shimmering like reflections, stretching to the horizon. The rice season ripens in September and October, this time, the rice fields simultaneously turn to brilliant yellow, each yellow wave winding on the side of the mountain has attracted visitors, coming here visitors can explore. learn about the outstanding cultural features of the Mong, Dao, and Tay ethnic communities...and also participate in experiential activities such as rice planting, rice harvesting, threshing,...  Every year, the district Na Hang organizes the Hong Thai Terraced Field Festival - the highlight of the Na Hang Highland Tourism and Culture Festival. Terraced fields in the rainy season and ripe rice season have been and are one of the unique tourism products of Na Hang district, attracting tourists from near and far to visit and admire.

16. Safe Kim Quan area

Safe Kim Quan area

Address: Khuon Dien, Kim Quan commune, Yen Son district

In early 1953, the Engineer Battalion 333 (now the 23rd Engineer Brigade) led by Comrade Le Trung Ngon went to ATK Kim Quan to set up a headquarters to work for central agencies. At the end of 1953, a part of the office of the Central Committee of the Party and the Government moved from the office of the President of the Government - the Prime Minister to live and work here. In early 1954, Uncle Ho also moved to Kim Quan. To ensure the safety and security of Uncle Ho, the Central Committee of the Party and the Government, the Army Corps of Engineers dug 3 secret tunnels deep into the heart of Na Loi Mountain. The basements are all wood-paneled on 3 sides, hooked together with solid leeches.

In addition, in the ATK Kim Quan relic cluster, there is also a relic of the General Secretary's Office - the residence and working place of General Secretary Truong Chinh and officials and employees of the Party Central Committee's office; relic of the Central Organization Department - where the Central Organization Committee lived and worked in the resistance war against the French colonialists from late 1953 to August 1954.

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