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To exploit the potential of tourism development in this area, this year, Na Hang district continues to organize the Cultural, Sports and Tourism Festival 2019. The festival is held in 12 and 13 days. 10 in Nang Kha commune, Hong Thai commune and Na Hang town.

Mr. Nguyen Viet Hung, Vice Chairman of the District People's Committee, said that until now, all preparations are ready. All agencies, departments, branches, communes and towns in the district are in the spirit of high spirits. The district has assigned specific members, with the desire to organize an impressive festival, promote the image of Na Hang so vividly, attract and serve the needs of tourists better.

This is the second time Na Hang district organizes a Cultural, Sports and Tourism Festival. This year, the festival has some new points. The district decided to shift the main activities of the festival to organize in Na Hang town such as: The Second Then Hang - Tinh Tinh singing festival; performing costumes of Na Hang ethnic groups and fire dancing of the Red Dao ethnic group in Ban Luc village, Da Vi commune; display and introduce products, agricultural products and production tools, typical ethnic culture of Na Hang district; performing water motobikes, racing on small pieces and organizing the Ceremony of recognizing the decorative arts on traditional costumes of the Red Dao ethnic intangible cultural heritage at the tourist resort Phieng Bung, Nang Commune Probably.

Outside the town and Nang Kha commune, the district focuses on organizing festivals in Hong Thai commune. At this time, the terraced rice fields are ripe. With the magnificent beauty of terraced fields, this will be the main point to attract tourists. In Hong Thai, there are also paragliding, paragliding, boiled traditional cakes, cum glutinous rice cutting competitions, embroidery towels, Shan snow tea picking, introduction of specialty food stalls, typical culinary of region. Hong Thai has also done a good homestay service, visitors will experience the daily activities with the people here, to understand more about the cultural identity of the Dao Tien people, this will be a highlight to attract tourists. guest.

According to the organizers of the festival, this year the district arranged for delegates and visitors to visit the national beauty spot, especially Na Hang - Lam Binh Nature Reserve according to the boat departure route from the wharf. Na Hang goes to Khuoi Nhi waterfall - Coc Vai (Lam Binh); from Mo waterfall to Nam Chang, visit an old gnashing tree and return to the starting point. Ms. Tran Mai Huong, a tourist from Tuyen Quang city who is eager to follow the Na Hang Festival's plan, said last year she attended the festival she enjoyed, this year the district organized with many special content. , she will definitely return to Na Hang.

This year, Hong Thai commune still organizes the contest of Shan snow tea.

Ban Phien, Chairman of the People's Committee of Hong Thai Commune affirmed that by this time, Hong Thai was ready for the festival. Assigned by the District People's Committee to chair and coordinate with the District Center for Culture, Information and Sports to organize activities to visit terraced fields, to organize cultural and sports activities, to display booths. The commune also cooperates with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and the District Agricultural Service Center to notify households in the commune to take care of rice fields and harvest rice on schedule. Village heads and village health workers guide households to keep environmental sanitation, security and order, ensure the supply of clean food and fruits for tourists; review and statistics of families eligible for homestay tourists.

This year, Na Hang restored the Fire Dao Ritual Ceremony in the locality for the first time. This is an activity that is very noticeable by tourists. Ban Tien Trinh, Party cell secretary and Head of Ban Luc village excitedly said that the Red Dao people in Ban Luc village, Da Vi commune were chosen to perform the Fire Jump Ceremony by the district. Since the day the mission was accepted, the village has convened over 100 households. In the village, everyone is happy and excited because they bring a culture to promote tourism. High-handed priests and young men in the village are convened, selected and elaborately trained to have impressive performances on the evening of October 12 at the District Square.

Only a few days will take place in 2019 Culture, Sports and Tourism Festival, Na Hang district is doing its best to make the festival more and more large-scale, quality, with its own imprint, to Na The cave is always an attractive destination for visitors.

According to Tuyen Quang Online

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