Forbidden temple - spiritual tourist destination when traveling to Tuyen Quang

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About 4 km from the center of Tuyen Quang city, Cam Temple is located on a high ground at the foot of Cam Son, in the Dom mountain range. The temple door faces southwest, overlooking the Lo River. Originally, the Forbidden Temple was just a small temple

About 4 km from the center of Tuyen Quang city, Cam Temple is located on a high ground at the foot of Cam Son, in the Dom mountain range. The temple door faces southwest, overlooking the Lo River. In the beginning, the Forbidden Temple was just a small temple (now in the temple still preserves the great letter: Sam Linh Temple (Temple of Sam Mountain) The Forbidden Temple was built around the end of the 19th century, the ancients built it to Worshiping and admiring the Lady Thuong Thousand, praying for a peaceful life.

Pictures of the Forbidden Temple

  The temple consists of: The first building, the Palace of God Ba, worshiping the Four Palaces Council, inside is the Palace of Lord Ba, on the left is the Palace of Adoration, the predecessor of the temple, the Four Palaces of the Holy Emperor, on the right is the Palace of the Tran Dynasty. , the bow of destiny. In this palace, there is a special feature that there is a sacred well, guests often ask for water from the well to drink and wash their faces; The second building, going up the mountainside is Son Trang palace; The third building, facing up the mountainside, in the front, is the Holy Mother Trinity. In front there is a giant paving tree; The fourth building, in the front, is taller than the Tam Toa Thanh Mau, which is the Tam Bao palace, worshiping Buddha; Next to the main buildings are the floors: Quan Son Than, Co Be floor, Boy Be floor, Co Bo floor. The Forbidden Temple has a large campus, in front of the temple's door there are ancient trees: Banyan tree, Lychee tree, Si tree... luxuriantly shining, impressing visitors with a sense of majesty, sacredness, and antiquity.

The Forbidden Temple is a religious relic of the type of historical and cultural relic, which has been classified as a provincial relic. The temple has been attached to the history of Tuyen Quang land, meeting and satisfying the spiritual needs of people inside and outside the province. Visitors come to the Forbidden Temple in particular and the Mother Festival of the temples in Tuyen Quang in general with the desire to pray for good fortune, hope to receive Mother's protection, bless them to do business and trade, be healthy and lucky. …

In the spiritual subconscious about the separateness of the Forbidden Temple, visitors to the ceremony often refer to the sacredness of Ba Chua Cam (also known as Lord Ba) – Mother Thuong Ngan; Forest girl. This is a separate factor, attracting visitors to the ceremony at the Forbidden Temple. Explaining the name of the temple, people told a story about the temple located at the foot of Dom mountain with the wildness of majestic mountains, many tigers, few people dare to set foot. Originally, the ancients spread word of mouth about the sacredness of her Lord; Forest girl. People who go to Mass still spread about the sacredness, saying that if they have come to Tuyen Quang to celebrate the Mother's Day, they must come to the festival of the Forbidden Lord at the forest gate.

Along with cultural values, the architecture of the Forbidden Temple is in the ancient religious style - bearing the mark of the Nguyen Dynasty. With many relics and artifacts with lines, blocks and colors showing the talent and creative aesthetic of people, it helps art researchers have more materials to learn about artistic styles. Art of the Vietnamese feudal dynasties in the land of Tuyen Quang.


The location of the temple is on the spiritual tourist route along the Lo River. Along the route to the ceremony, visitors can go to Cam temple - Thuong temple - Truc Lam Zen Monastery - Ghenh Quyt temple, with winding roads, cool luxuriant trees, rivers and mountains along the road... The nature is beautiful. That is one of the advantages of spiritual tourism of Tuyen Quang city. In the area near the temple, there is a Waterfall, which locals often call Dat. The water from the mountains pouring down can form swimming pools using natural water sources. In addition, Trang Da commune area has many households owning natural lands associated with rivers, streams, mountains and forests, etc., which is a potential for ecotourism and resort exploitation.

The specialties of this place that people bring to tourists are: dried bamboo shoots, wood ear mushrooms, forest shiitake mushrooms, carved tubers, sour ears...; honey, glutinous rice, plain rice, vermicelli, peanuts, chicken eggs, banh chung, banh chung, banh gai... seasonal vegetables and fruits: fresh bamboo shoots, nuoc curd, tenderloin vegetables, wild spinach , banana popcorn, taro, banana, orange, grapefruit, persimmon, apple... medicinal herbs: mistletoe rice, goat's tendon, ginseng areca, clover, prickly pear, banana seed...

Forbidden Temple is located in the system of Mother Temples of Tuyen Quang, connecting tourists through travel agencies or visitors by themselves is very convenient, so the Forbidden Temple is an indispensable spiritual tourist destination. attract tourists when coming to Tuyen Quang.  

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