Dom Mountain - Heaven's Gate: "Tam Dao" in the heart of the city

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With a fresh and cool climate, the eco-tourism area of Dom Mountain - Heaven Gate in hamlets 15 and 16, Trang Da commune (Tuyen Quang city) is considered by many tourists as "Tam Dao" in the heart of the city. On summer days, taking advantage of weekends, many families have come to relax and avoid the sweltering heat.

Nui Dom - Heaven Gate eco-tourism area is over 2,000 hectares wide with rich and diverse flora that acts as the green lung of the city. There are beautiful caves such as Ba Cu cave, Bat cave, Ivory cave, Ong slope, Ba slope..., in which Bat Cave is the most beautiful cave attracting many visitors. Nui Dom - Heaven's Gate attracts many young people because there are many beautiful waterfalls here such as Dat Tu Khang, Cam waterfall, Gate of Heaven... In this season, the water flows down from above, making anyone come to visit. You must also be amazed by the beauty of the waterfall here. Taking advantage of fresh water, many households have built swimming pools at the foot of Dom mountain to attract tourists in the hot summer. Standing on the Gate of Heaven, visitors can see Tuyen Quang city a large, beautiful valley, surrounded by the poetic Lo stream. In Heaven's Gate, there is also a small valley of a few dozen hectares, surrounded by mountains and protective forests. Around the area of ​​​​Gate of Heaven spread out adjacent to Dong Quan village, Tan Long commune; Dang village, Tan Tien commune (Yen Son) and Dom hamlet, Nong Tien ward (Tuyen Quang city). Along the same route with Mount Dom - Heaven's Gate, there are 3 ancient and sacred temples built in the 18th century, namely Mau Thuong Temple, Cam Temple, and Ghenh Quyt Temple. The city has developed a project to develop the eco-tourism cluster Nui Dom - Heaven Gate, including projects such as developing infrastructure connecting the city with the region; build Nui Dom eco-tourism area; Truc Lam Zen Monastery;... Truc Lam Zen Monastery is a project with a planned area of ​​over 20 hectares. When completed, the Zen Monastery will become an attractive destination in the journey to discover Dom Mountain - Heaven's Gate. Currently, Tuyen Quang city is inviting organizations, individuals and businesses to invest in the development of Nui Dom - Heaven Gate eco-tourism cluster. Thereby in order to exploit and preserve the tourism potential of the city, step by step improve people's lives, create new tourism products. In the near future, Nui Dom - Heaven Gate Ecotourism Cluster will be an eco-tourism area associated with a unique spirituality for visitors.

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