Many activities to preserve national cultural identity in early spring

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In the New Year, along with traditional festivals of ethnic groups held in localities in the province, many cultural and artistic activities took place vibrantly. Thereby, contributing to maintaining and preserving the cultural identities of ethnic groups, creating conditions for people and tourists to welcome spring happily and healthily.

Coming to the Song Linh Communal House Festival, Luong Vuong commune (Tuyen Quang city) on the 3rd day of the Lunar New Year, people and tourists can not only participate in the sacred ceremony to pray for good rain, good winds, and good harvests throughout the year. new, but also enjoy special musical performances and folk games such as: Toss, monkey bridge...

A dance and singing performance at Song Linh Communal Festival, Luong Vuong commune, Tuyen Quang city.

Participating in cultural performances at the festival were performance teams and clubs that preserve cultural identity from villages in the commune. Luong Vuong commune has a large proportion of Cao Lan ethnic people, living in many villages in the commune. In recent years, the Cao Lan people here have always preserved their national cultural identity through the establishment of clubs and art teams to practice the dance and singing performances of the Cao Lan people. In addition, members of clubs and performing arts teams also maintain their voices and national costumes and pass them on to local young generations.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Ha, village 9, Luong Vuong commune shared that for many years participating in the festival, this year she saw that the festival attracted more people and tourists to participate. The preparations and activities at the festival are also more unique and diverse. She was most impressed by the musical performances imbued with the local Cao Lan and Tay ethnic identities. This shows that the young generation is always conscious of preserving national cultural identity.

Like every year, on February 17, 18 (ie January 8-9), Binh An commune, Lam Binh district organizes the commune's mass arts festival. Participating in the festival, performing arts teams in the villages brought unique performances rich in cultural identities of the Tay, Mong, Dao ethnic groups... Songs and dances praising the Party and beloved Uncle Ho, praising The homeland and the country of innovation have been conveyed vividly.

A dance performance at the Mass Arts Festival of Binh An commune (Lam Binh).

Ms. Ma Thi Hau, Chairwoman of the Women's Union of Binh An commune, said that through cultural and artistic activities, the cultural identities of ethnic groups in the area are always preserved and promoted. In particular, during the early spring and new year, people of all ethnic groups in the commune are very excited to participate in the festival. Thereby, creating new motivation and momentum to continue to emulate productive labor more actively in 2024, contributing to building an increasingly prosperous and happy life.

It is not difficult to see the Guo bird dance of the Cao Lan people, Then singing of the Tay people, flute playing of the Mong people, Pao dung singing of the Dao people... in early spring cultural and artistic activities in Ho Chi Minh City. localities in the province. It is not only a highlight in festivals to create an exciting atmosphere at the beginning of the year, but also contributes to preserving cultural identity and enriching the spiritual life of ethnic people in the province.


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