Launching the "Tuyen Quang Tourism Photo" Contest in 2024

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Implement Plan No. 46/KH-SVHTTDL dated April 1, 2024 of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism on organizing the "Tuyen Quang Tourism Photo" Contest in 2024. May 21, 2024 Organizing Committee The contest has issued a Notice to launch the "Tuyen Quang Tourism Photo" Contest in 2024

1. Contest participants: All professional and amateur photography artists, Vietnamese citizens at home and abroad; foreigners working and living in Vietnam; no age limit. Members of the Organizing Committee, Jury and Secretariat are not allowed to participate in the competition.

2. Content of contest entries: Are images taken in Tuyen Quang province, with content representing the contest theme; reflects new perspectives through the lens of tourism on natural landscapes, historical relics, scenic spots, tourist destinations, types of tourism, traditional craft villages, festivals, and cultural events , sports, travel; moments about life, national culture, daily cultural activities, customs, cultural forms, folk arts, culinary culture of the people; images of tourists discovering and experiencing tourism products and immersing themselves in the lives of indigenous people at tourist destinations...

3. Regulations on contest entries

- Contest photos were taken in Tuyen Quang province. Shooting time is from 2022 to present. For winning photos, the Organizing Committee will request to provide original files to compare the shooting time using specialized software;

- Contest photos must be single photos, color photos or black and white photos, in the form of digital photo files, in JPG format, minimum resolution of 300dpi, minimum capacity of 3Mb, minimum size of the shortest photo. 3,000 pixels (cannot accept scanned files or photos taken from paper photos or collages). Technically processed photos are accepted but must not be pieced together or erased to distort reality. In case of necessity, the Organizing Committee will request the author to submit the original photo file for verification;

- Each author can participate in a maximum of 10 (ten) photos. Photos must not insert the author's name or special characters or signs that do not belong to the content of the work on the photo. Photos need to clearly state the content (caption) or subject of the photo;

- Contest photos are photos that have not been published, exhibited (or won prizes) at domestic and foreign competitions. During the contest, authors are not allowed to use existing works to participate in other contests;

- Contest photos do not violate Vietnamese customs, laws, culture, or contain negative political or religious content. If it is discovered that any submitted work violates the Competition Rules or is dishonest or has a dispute over copyright, the Organizing Committee will remove that work from the competition without prior notice (including both before, during and after the competition);

- The Competition Organizing Committee of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Tuyen Quang has the right to use and not pay royalties for photos (for works selected for display and exhibition at the competition) for the purpose of promoting propagate, promote and introduce the tourism image of Tuyen Quang province on the Tuyen Quang Arts Magazine page, domestic and foreign exhibitions and fairs, on items, printed publications and other media, mass communication; The author's name is recorded during use; Make payment for photo royalties according to current regulations when using works in commercial publications.

4. Time, quantity and address to receive contest entries

- Time to receive works: From May 21, 2024 to August 25, 2024;

- Announcement and awarding of awards: Expected September 2024;

- Format: Authors submit works to participate in the contest at:

- Number of works: Each author can participate in a maximum of 10 (ten) photos.

5. Prizes:

- 01 First Prize: 10,000,000 VND/prize;

- 03 Second Prizes: 7,000,000 VND/prize;

- 05 Third Prizes: 5,000,000 VND/prize;

- 10 Consolation Prizes: 2,000,000 VND/prize.

6. Professional sponsor: Vietnam Association of Photographic Artists

The Contest Organizing Committee would like to respectfully inform the authors to know and submit their works to participate in the contest./.

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