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Mr. Bui Tien Dung, Hai Duong City shared: Coming to Tan Trao on this occasion, we are really moved when revisiting the historic relics of Na Nua, Dinh Hong Thai, Dinh Tan Trao and Banyan Tree Tan Trao. .., the place where imprinted with the mark of the old father of the nation - the beloved Uncle Ho has spent many years living, working and leading the revolution.

This was also the place where important decisions of President Ho Chi Minh and the Central Party of our Party were decided, the victory of the August Revolution, establishing the first peasant state in Southeast Asia and Vietnam. South Democratic Republic.

Historic Tan Trao and Son Duong used to be the center of the Capital "Liberation Zone", the center of the "Capital of Resistance", the place where major events of the Vietnamese Revolution took place, associated with life. The revolutionary career of President Ho Chi Minh is immense. Every inch of land, every person of Tan Trao, Son Duong, Tuyen Quang today and tomorrow still retains the image of President Ho Chi Minh extremely great, but also very dear, close. Photos, ideas and examples of lifelong sacrifices for the independence and freedom of the nation, for the happiness of the people of President Ho Chi Minh, are the motivation for the Party and people of all ethnic groups in Son Duong district. , together with people of all ethnic groups in the province and throughout the country are constantly determined to implement his Will.

Coming to Tuyen Quang and coming to Tan Trao this year, we are really happy at the great changes of our revolutionary homeland. The road to the historic complex of the Capital of the Liberation Zone and the Resistance Capital has been expanded, concreted and more beautiful. The house with tiled roofs and flat roof houses of the villages has been spacious and more beautiful than before.

Uncle Vu Van Nhan, Ha Dong District, Hanoi, said, “I am happy to be back to the roots of the Vietnamese revolution. At this point, I feel the great sacrifice of previous generations so that we can have a peaceful life like today. Coming to Tan Trao now is both strange and familiar, strange because Tan Trao has now changed: people's lives have been improved, spacious and clean houses, convenient transportation. "

Tan Trao is about the cradle of the Vietnamese revolution. Tan Trao not only has Banyan tree, Hong Thai communal house, Na Nua hut ... but also full of revolutionary vestige of "magnificent life change" in the history of the country, paving the way to bring people Vietnamese people enter a new era with the name of independence - freedom. That is also the reason why Tan Trao special national monument will never fade in the minds of all generations of Vietnamese people.

According to Tuyen Quang Online

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