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With the advantages of natural landscapes, cultural traditions, and products associated with regional agricultural characteristics, it is a great opportunity for rural tourism in Tuyen Quang to develop.


When suffocating with urban life, people want to return to the original wild features of the countryside. In fact, many foreign delegations when coming to our country to travel have chosen Tuyen Quang as a destination. Ms. Tran Thi Yen, Director of Tran Yen Education Joint Stock Company, currently living and working in Japan, said that she has connected many tours for Japanese tourists to Tuyen Quang. They are very fond of the natural landscape and countryside of Tuyen Quang because they still retain the pristine features.

Tourists experience rural tourism in Lam Binh district. Photo: Minh Hoa

Tuyen Quang countryside with its own unique features has made an impression on tourists. In spring, visitors to Tuyen Quang cannot miss the Hong Thai (Na Hang) tour to see pear flowers and experience the ancient tea forests. In spring, the pear trees are old, rough, and mossy white. Dang Duc Toan, Khau Trang village said that the beauty of pear flowers and culture have awakened tourism potential in this remote land. In early 2022, the commune held the pear blossom festival for the first time, attracting a large number of tourists to enjoy.

Visitors also experience the beauty of the tea fields of Lang Bat, Tan Thanh commune (Ham Yen); Vinh Tan Tea Village, Tan Trao Commune (Son Duong) and tea hills in My Bang (Yen Son) or orange groves laden with Ham Yen fruit. The heart-shaped, raspberry-shaped tea gardens illuminated by the spring sun will certainly be interesting for visitors to explore.


Visitors experience the season of canola flowers in Na Mu village, Hong Thai commune (Na Hang).

Nguyen Tuan Truong, Hang Bai Street, Hoan Kiem District (Hanoi) shared that he would love to go back to the mountains and experience the life of rural people in Tuyen Quang. A peaceful and simple life, enjoying specialties from the mountains and forests, experiencing the pear blossom season and participating in festivals with bold identities. He enjoys listening to Then singing, playing Tinh and enjoying folk games at the Long Tong Festival in many highland villages...

Linking tourism with new rural construction

In the National Action Plan on green growth for the period of 2021 - 2030, agricultural and rural tourism is identified as one of the types of tourism that needs to be prioritized for development towards green growth, product development. green tourism.

The province has also determined specific targets to 2025 to develop and standardize destinations and rural tourism products associated with new rural construction. Each district and city strives to have at least one recognized rural tourist spot associated with the local advantages in agriculture, culture, craft villages and ecological environment; rural tourism service business establishments are recognized to meet the standards of serving tourists; Rural tourist attractions apply electronic transactions in tourism activities…

Visitors experience the beauty of tea hills in My Bang commune (Yen Son).

Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Nguyen Van Hung during his working visit to our province in September 2022 affirmed that rural tourism development in the whole country in general and Tuyen Quang in particular is not only for the benefit of the people. economic benefits but also responsibility and pride in the homeland.

Mr. Le Thanh Son, Deputy Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism affirmed that, with capital sources, the province has invested in developing rural tourism in association with the construction of a new countryside. In 2021 and 2022, the province has implemented many investment projects to develop community tourism, restore cultural activities and organize festivals, traditional craft villages, folk songs and dances...
Resources and initiatives of the province and local communities, rural tourism will bring new springs to the province's tourism industry.

According to Tuyen Quang Online Newspaper

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