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Spring in Lam Binh peach blossoms, plum flowers race to bloom on the mountainsides. Tourists from all over the country enjoy choosing Lam Binh to travel in spring and enjoy unforgettable experiences in this place. To attract tourists, Lam Binh district constantly renews tourism products, impresses and retains visitors.


Ms. Nguyen Thi Nga (Hanoi) chose to go to Thuong Lam for the first spring of the year. Ms. Nga shared, the primeval forest surrounding the lake Na Hang - Lam Binh with Coc Vai scenic spots, waterfalls, and magnificent caves makes people's hearts flutter. The people here are simple and hospitable, so staying here is very comfortable. Besides, visitors can experience tourism activities such as kayaking, cycling to visit the resort, listening to Then singing, dan Tinh, dances of Tay ethnic people, fire dance festival of Pa ethnic group. Then... creates a different attraction with other tourist destinations.

Plum flowers bloom along Khau Lak pass (Lam Binh) creating a beautiful and romantic scene.

Duong Van Huy in Hai Phong has been to Lam Binh tourism, but every time he comes here, he has a different experience. “I came to Thuong Lam about 5 years ago, at first there were only a few households doing homestay tourism, tourism facilities have not been invested much. But this time coming to Lam Binh is a different, new feeling as there are more tourism activities for tourists to experience, people do tourism more professionally. Many cultural activities, arts and festivals are held at the beginning of the year to impress tourists.

This is also the common feeling of many tourists when coming to Lam Binh district in the early days of this new spring. Mr. Cao Van Minh, Head of Culture and Information Department of Lam Binh district, said that this year, the district has put into operation new tourist attractions, festivals and tourism activities are held regularly. The district promotes tourism promotion, helping Lam Binh district attract a large number of tourists to visit in 2022. In which, the first International Hot Air Balloon Festival was held in the district. Lam Binh; cultural and tourism week in Lam Binh district; Night markets are regularly organized in combination with cultural and artistic activities to attract visitors. In addition, the district also organizes cultural events, sports and cultural festivals of the communes to create impressions to attract visitors. In 2022, the district welcomes more than 136,00 visitors, reaching 100% of the plan. Revenue from service activities reached more than 100 billion VND.

Cloud hunting spot on the top of Khau Lak pass (Lam Binh) attracts visitors.

Diversity of tourism products

A new feature in tourism development of Lam Binh district in 2022 is in addition to exploiting products and destinations built in previous years such as visiting the lake bed; experience at community tourist sites in Lang Can town, Thuong Lam commune. The district is renewing tourism products, typically building the culture of 12 ethnic minorities in the district into a typical tourism product. In addition, a number of new tourism products have been put into operation such as adventure tourism, exploring the Gam River arc; Experience the magnificent waterfalls with thousands of free massage fish, pristine caves, open more check-in points at Khau Lak pass, Keo Nang pass, water fountains, rice fields, wings flower fields in Lang Can town…


Tourists ride horses to admire the fields of Na Kem village, Khuon Ha commune (Lam Binh).

Initially, these new tourist attractions are well received by tourists. When spring comes, peaches and plums bloom on the routes to tourist destinations, making visitors feel uneasy. The district has built 2 smart tourism villages in 2 community tourist attractions of the district, namely Nam Dip Cultural Village, Lang Can town and Na Tong Cultural Village, Thuong Lam commune. Currently, updating the database has been completed, making a common repository to introduce and promote in a methodical and systematic way to tourists.

Lam Binh district has actively cooperated with localities to build closed tours and routes to promote tourism development between localities. Each locality has a different strength in tourism products, so visitors will experience a colorful tour. The district maintains and improves the quality of Web sites to promote and introduce tourism; promote tourism promotion on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Zalo, Titok... introduce the district's tourism in Vietnamese and English, creating favorable conditions for visitors to search.

When spring comes, choose a deep and loving place of scenery, then Lam Binh is the ideal destination. The dishes of the people here during Tet and spring festivals will surely make visitors admire and enjoy. Want to stay in Lam Binh more to be immersed in this poetic, deep space.

According to Tuyen Quang Online Newspaper



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