Son Duong develops experiential tourism

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Son Duong is a beautiful and rich land, which still preserves unique historical, cultural and ecological values, revolutionary countryside. Where there are many majestic and poetic natural scenes, the district is focusing on developing tourism, experiencing agricultural production activities, and the beauty of cultural activities of ethnic minorities in the area.

Son Duong has long been known to tourists for its Tan Trao Special National Monument, which used to be the Capital of the Liberation Zone, the Capital of the Resistance. Coming here, visitors can immerse themselves in the fresh natural air, visit the relic complex, experience agricultural production activities, and the ancient unique features of the Tay ethnic group, especially the Tay ethnic group. Especially enjoy the specialties of the mountains and forests right under the homestay on stilts in Tan Lap Culture and Tourism Village.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Toan, from Xuan Dinh ward (Hanoi) said that he chose to travel to Son Duong district because he wanted to experience the fresh natural air after a stressful time of work and study. He and his friends experienced visiting Vinh Tan Tea craft village, Tan Trao commune; tea picking, participating in processes such as tea care, picking, star, tea packing and taking photos on terraced tea fields. He found this to be a unique and interesting new experience tour for the weekend with family and friends at a reasonable cost.

The whole Son Duong district has 226 historical and cultural sites, 130 of which have been ranked as national and provincial relics. Including 1 special national relic, 47 national relic and 82 provincial relic; 96 monuments have made scientific records. The district has 40 accommodation establishments, 13 homestay service households, 112 food and beverage establishments with 20 seats or more. Besides, there are also unique natural landscapes such as Dat waterfall, Hop Hoa commune, Dong Bua waterfall, Dong Loi commune; Dong Dai waterfall, Dong Tho commune... Archaeologists have also discovered that Son Duong has many ancient vestiges such as the ancient stone site of Cao Da village, Son Nam commune; The site of human residence of the Hung Kings period in Pho Gio village, Thien Ke commune... Especially, with dozens of unique traditional cultural festivals and customs, folk songs, and folk songs. The charm of ethnic minorities such as Tay, Dao, Cao Lan, San Diu, in the area has also contributed to creating advantages for tourists to experience.

Ms. Dang Trung Anh, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City said, this is the first time she has visited Son Duong. She was very impressed with the houses on stilts and stayed overnight at the Hoang Lau homestay service, Tan Lap village, which is very close to nature, protects the environment, and meets the needs of green living. Under the sticky rice house on stilts, she also experienced to explore agricultural production activities, daily life culture of farmers such as: milling rice, pounding rice, plowing fields, planting agricultural crops, and then processing it by hand. Lam rice dishes, five-color sticky rice, enjoying the products I harvested, are very impressive and interesting.

It is estimated that in 2020, the district's tourist sites and attractions will welcome over 302 thousand visitors, and the social revenue from tourism will reach 242 billion VND. Comrade Pham Thi Nhi Binh, Vice Chairman of the District People's Committee, said that the district People's Committee is currently implementing a project to build a model of rural development based on promoting available local resources in the area of ​​Tan Trao commune. NPO AVENUE (Japan) sponsored 1.2 billion VND and is attracting FLC Group to research, survey and plan projects of resort tourism, sports, entertainment and urban living Thai Son Duong province with an area of ​​​​14,000 hectares in Minh Thanh commune, Tu Thinh ... in order to effectively exploit the potentials and strengths of local tourism, especially experience tourism.

With investment interest, especially calling for organizations and individuals to invest in tourism, Son Duong district will promote tourism development in the area, contributing to job creation and income enhancement. for the people and preserve and promote the traditional historical and cultural values ​​of the locality.

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