Chiem Hoa potential tourist destination

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Chiem Hoa is known as a land rich in revolutionary traditions, the place Uncle Ho and the Party Central Committee chose to hold the 2nd National Party Congress held in February 1951 in Kim Binh commune. Currently, every year, from the tourism potential, thousands of tourists come to visit

With its own potential and strengths, each year, Kim Binh Historic Site has attracted thousands of visitors to this historic site. Coming to this place, visitors will visit the venue of the 2nd National Congress of the Party, visit Uncle Ho's residence and working place; offering incense at the memorial stele for soldiers who sacrificed for the independence and freedom of the Fatherland, for the cause of national liberation. Along with that, visitors will be able to visit the unique values ​​and beauty of the people here, visit the traditional stilt houses and the typical bamboo shoot cuisine of the region.


Along with tourist attractions at historical sites, Chiem Hoa also enjoys many incentives. The famous Ban Ba ​​waterfall is created by 3 main cascades, pouring white in the middle of the ecosystem of several hundred years old ancient forests, creating a pristine and poetic landscape. Many beautiful landscapes such as Silk Waterfall, Khuan Nhua Waterfall, Ban Lanh; Along with that, there are spiritual tourist attractions such as: Bao Ninh Sung Phuc Pagoda, Bach Than Temple or Dam Hong Temple... The tourist attractions have left many imprints for tourists from all over the world when coming to Chiem Hoa.

For many years, the local government has also focused on exploiting those potentials and is the direction of the district to develop the tourism industry, bringing a stable source of income for local economic development. Many unique traditional cultural heritages of ethnic groups in Chiem Hoa have been recognized as national intangible cultural heritages such as: Then ritual, Long Tong festival of Tay ethnic group, Pao Dung singing, ceremony The identity of the Dao ethnic group... Converging unique cultural and natural values, Chiem Hoa is becoming a tourist mark of Tuyen.

Chiem Hoa is one of the districts with potential for tourism, with favorable conditions and advantages for tourism development. Coming to Chiem Hoa, visitors will be able to participate in cultural activities, learn about the zither, then singing, coi singing, the stilt house of the Tay ethnic group. Immerse yourself in real life, participate in cultural activities, experience activities associated with the traditions of the ethnic groups here.


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