One journey, two destinations

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Regional linkage is considered a sustainable solution to attract and develop tourism. In the journey to create that connection, the province focuses on attracting investment, implementing key projects and works, creating a driving force for the province's socio-economic promotion, especially the Na eco-tourism area. Hang, comprehensive development.

At the end of May, the delegation of the Ministry of Planning and Investment led by Mr. Nguyen Chi Dung, member of the Central Committee of the Party and Minister, came to survey the route Na Hang - Ba Be (Bac Kan) and Na Hang ecological lake bed. Here, a number of traffic routes connecting the area, including the renovation and upgrading of the Na Hang - Ba Be route, were surveyed by the delegation, ensuring the goal of "One journey, two destinations", attracting attracted a large number of tourists from Ba Be Lake (Bac Kan province) to Na Hang eco-tourism area and vice versa for tourists.

A corner of Na Hang Ecotourism Area (Photo taken in 2020).

The route length is about 19 km; Investment capital for the project is about 1,500 billion VND. The project of a regional link connecting Na Hang - Ba Be tourism infrastructure will create conditions for synchronous infrastructure planning, contributing to socio-economic development of Bac Kan and Tuyen Quang provinces, especially especially for tourism development. The tour "one journey, two destinations" is being surveyed and built by the two provinces to maximize the advantages of the two provinces. Also during the business trip, the delegation surveyed the construction of a road connecting Ba Be - Bac Kan and from Bac Kan - Cao Bang. The invested project will create opportunities for Cao Bang, Bac Kan, Tuyen Quang and Ha Giang provinces to develop historical, cultural, eco-tourism, cave and adventure tourism. This is one of the most attractive forms of tourism today, in line with the tourism development orientation of the provinces in the direction of sustainability, creating unique and rich tourism products that attract more and more people. many visitors. At the tourism development cooperation program "Through the Viet Bac heritage regions" in 2021 held in Thai Nguyen recently, scientists and managers of the tourism sectors have greatly evaluated High in biodiversity, great potential and strength of Na Hang and Ba Be Nature Reserves. Deputy General Director of the General Department of Tourism Ha Van Sieu assessed that Tuyen Quang's potential for developing eco-tourism and community-based tourism has great potential, because it contains great community cultural values. characteristics of the ethnic groups living in the area, the ecological values ​​are very primitive, associated with human life here. In the coming time, Tuyen Quang needs to promote its potential values ​​and existing strengths to maintain the ecological balance. In which, it is mainly necessary to promote indigenous values, avoid the hybridization and change of community tourism caused by the strong impact of social development. Ms. Pham Kieu Trinh, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi expressed that she has been to many tourist destinations in the country, but Na Hang - Lam Binh eco-tourism area has left a strong impression on her. The association, forming a tour with Bac Kan, Cao Bang, Ha Giang... will create attraction for tourists to have more options to experience and feel all the natural majesty of the area. To Viet Hiep, Chairman of Na Hang District People's Committee, said that in order to turn tourism into an important economic sector of the district, striving to welcome over 350,000 tourists by 2025, including international tourists from all over the world. 2,000 turns; With social revenue from tourism reaching over VND 430 billion, one of the main solutions of the locality is to synchronize the transportation system and exploit the tourist route "One journey, two destinations" between Na Hang - Ba Be in particular and the provinces of the Viet Bac war zone in general, so that visitors can discover many new, attractive and unforgettable things here.

According to Tuyen Quang Newspaper online


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