Thanh Tuyen Festival

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Thanh Tuyen Festival is a unique and unique Mid-Autumn Festival of Tuyen Quang province, expected by the children and the people of the province and many tourists from near and far.

Thanh Tuyen Festival is a unique and unique Mid-Autumn Festival of Tuyen Quang province, is expected by the children and the people of the province and many tourists from near and far. Coming to Thanh Tuyen Festival, visitors are immersed in the exciting, bustling atmosphere of drums, music with traditional dances performed by young men and women in civilian costumes. Colorful race of 22 ethnic groups of the land of Tuyen beautiful, hospitable. In particular, coming to the Festival of Tuyen, visitors will be able to return to their childhoods and their children to immerse themselves in the immense Mid-Autumn Festival space, shimmering with the colors of giant, unique Mid-Autumn light-model vehicles. unique, colorful, designed and manipulated by the people of Tuyen Quang, imitating the favorite characters in the fairytale world of legends, fables, or expressing love for the river. With the beautiful models of the country, places that assert national sovereignty, ... Thanh Tuyen Festival has been confirmed by Vietnam Guinness Book of Records as the Festival with many Mid-Autumn Festival lights. Unique and largest in Vietnam.

For Tuyen Quang people, Thanh Tuyen Festival is the most unique festival. The festival is held on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival and comes from the young love of the city people. The highlight of the Festival is the huge model of mid-autumn lamps made by the people of the residential areas and through the streets themselves. The huge model of mid-autumn lights are built based on historical stories, folk legends and from real life, production labor of the people in each historical period. The Thanh Tuyen festival originates from the spontaneous activities of the people of Tuyen Quang, with the desire to give the children a joyful and meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival. Initially, several residential groups in the city of Tuyen Quang contributed and contributed to the creation of mid-autumn festival light models for processions on the streets. Gradually, this new procession of lighting procession has attracted the attention and attention of people from all walks of life in Tuyen Quang city in particular and Tuyen Quang province in general. Up to now, the movement of making mid-autumn lamps has been responded by the hamlets and residential quarters in the province and has been organized on a large scale. Lamp models are also increasingly vivid and big. In 2014, Thanh Tuyen Festival was first organized on a provincial scale for the first time. This festival has been established by the Giness record: "The festival has many unique and largest Mid-Autumn Festival lights in Vietnam", "The largest moon cake tray in Vietnam", "The largest pair of lanterns in Vietnam" . From 2015 to the present, Thanh Tuyen Festival has been held in association with many cultural, arts, sports and tourism activities such as display and introduction of diverse and rich cuisines of ethnic groups. Tuyen Quang province; Hanoi Beer Festival; costume showcase performance; performing Arts; activities "Welcome Mid-Autumn Festival"; sporting activities such as the extended Tan Trao Tennis Tournament; Tuyen Quang Table Tennis tournament ...; tourism activities, tours of famous landscapes, monuments and tourist attractions in the province.

Especially, "Thanh Tuyen Festival" - the most popular activity for children and tourists in Thanh Tuyen Festival - will be held at Nguyen Tat Thanh Square, Tuyen Quang City, every year. over 70 of the most beautiful and meaningful Mid-Autumn Lights models were selected from hundreds of models of Tuyen Quang City along with representative models of the districts participating in the parade along the route from Nguyen Square. Tat Thanh came to the main streets of Tuyen Quang city. The program "Thanh Tuyen Festival" was broadcast live on TTV channel of Tuyen Quang Radio and Television and received, broadcasted live on the provincial radio and television stations in both cities. country.

As one of the important events in the province, Thanh Tuyen Festival is not only a unique cultural event, but also a private tourism product of Tuyen Quang people. The festival is also an opportunity to introduce, propagate and promote to domestic and international friends about the image of the land, people and values ​​of the province's cultural heritage, especially the special values. the history and culture of Tuyen Quang land rich in tradition - the homeland of the Revolution, the Capital of Liberation, the Center of the Resistance Capital - thereby gradually building Thanh Tuyen Festival into a tourist product. have brand name and reputation at the national and regional levels, contributing to promoting the province's tourism industry to increasingly develop, effectively implement the Action Program No. 15-CTr / TU of June 27, 2017 Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee on the implementation of the Politburo's Resolution No. 08-NQ / TW of January 16, 2017 on developing tourism into a business sector. spearhead. /.


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