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Khuoi Trang village, Khuoi Cung village, Xuan Lap commune (Lam Binh) has a large number of Mong people living, lying on the top of a high mountain covered with clouds all year round. Cool climate, beautiful scenery, unique cultural identity, cuisine with dishes made from local products captivates visitors. Although the way up here is not easy, the leaders of Lam Binh district are determined to turn this place into an ideal place to "hunt clouds" combined with homestay tourism

In Khuoi Trang and Khuoi Cung villages, there are terraced fields. In early October, the rice begins to ripen beautifully.

The simple houses of the Mong people in Khuoi Trang and Khuoi Cung.

Joy is about to have a new traditional house.

Performing the Hmong Khen is a cultural feature here.

As a Hmong man, everyone must know how to play the flute. To outsiders, it sounds good, but to Hmong women they understand what the man is saying.

The sound of the butt trumpet echoes on the top of the mountain, adorning the spiritual life here.

The art of painting beeswax on the fabric of the Hmong woman is sophisticated and delicate.

The talented hands of Hmong women.

Embroidery is a rather sophisticated process that requires the skillful perseverance of Hmong women.

As a Hmong woman, everyone knows how to embroider and sew clothes for themselves and their families.

Black chicken is a typical dish of the Mong people in Khuoi Trang and Khuoi Cung villages.

Grilled terraced carp is a dish that many tourists remember forever.

Field carp is also cooked by the H'mong with lamellar leaves.

Traveling to Mong village is fun, everyone wants to promote cultural identity to tourists.

According to Tuyen Quang Online Newspaper


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