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Diversifying tourism products by including OCOP products as gifts has brought a "double" effect. This is a favorable condition for localities in the province to exploit and develop tourism as well as create momentum for OCOP products to reach out.

Homestay A Phu, Na Tong village, Thuong Lam commune (Lam Binh) is a 4-star OCOP product.

Thuong Lam commune is famous for the type of homestay tourism with the traditional stilt house architecture of the Tay people. The houses on stilts are made of wood, the surrounding space is decorated and rearranged by people to be suitable for guests to rest and relax, becoming community tourist attractions that "attract" tourists. In order to further improve the service quality as well as promote the traditional cultural beauty of the people here, in 2021 Lam Binh District People's Committee will introduce the product Community tourism service and tourist attractions Homestay 99 mountains, of the Homestay Service Cooperation group 99 mountains in Thuong Lam commune participated in the evaluation and classification of OCOP products in Tuyen Quang province. Through evaluation, the product is rated 4 stars.

The service group Homestay 99 mountains in Thuong Lam commune has 4 members including Homestay A Phu, Homestay Tai Ngao, Homestay Ha Cat, and Homestay A Na. Mr. Hoa Duc Phu, owner of Homestay A Phu, said that from specific jobs such as building community conventions on welcoming tourists so that they are civilized and polite; Clean environment or not using products from wild animals for food, illegal logging to build houses... are also popularized to the people. Towards OCOP products, the Homestay 99 mountain service cooperation group is gradually standardizing and perfecting regulations and regulations with tourists and the community in the process of tourism. exploit tourism products more and more methodically. Every year, the tourist service point of Homestay 99 mountains, Thuong Lam commune serves about 4,000 domestic and foreign tourists to visit and experience, the annual revenue is estimated at over 700 million VND.

Promoting the strength of tourism, in recent years, Lam Binh district has actively developed unique tourism products associated with the OCOP program such as: Homestay, Shan Khau Mut tea, Jiao co lam, Bo Khai vegetables, goat meat ... These are the "delicious foods" that many tourists comment only in Lam Binh.

Experience brocade weaving at Homestay A Phu, Na Tong village, Thuong Lam commune (Lam Binh). Photo: Cao Huy


Mr. Tran Van Chung, Head of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Lam Binh district, said that the district currently has 10 OCOP products, including 9 3-star OCOP products and 1 4-star product. Promoting potentials and advantages when Lam Binh is striving to become an attractive destination for domestic and international tourists, in addition to focusing resources on building tourism infrastructure, the district is constantly improving the quality of tourism. , as well as a variety of local tourism products.

Recognized as a tea village in 2014, Vinh Tan tea village, Tan Trao commune (Son Duong) has over 85% of households living on tea production with a total area of ​​nearly 200 hectares of tea. Tea is grown by the people of Vinh Tan village in an area that creates beautiful tea hills. In recent years, Tan Trao commune has combined historical tourism with experience tourism in craft villages. Mr. Hoang Duc Soai, Chairman of Tan Trao Commune People's Committee, said that in order to associate tourism with typical local products, the commune is aiming to improve the landscape to attract tourists when visiting the craft village while improving the quality of the village. quantity of tea products by encouraging people in Vinh Tan village to take advantage of the abandoned and abandoned fields to grow lotus, both creating a landscape for tourists to experience and as a raw material for tea seasoning.

In 2020, tea products of Vinh Tan Tea Cooperative are classified as 4-star OCOP products. Mr. Nguyen Van Manh, Deputy Director of Vinh Tan Tea Cooperative said that the cooperative invested more than 10 billion dong to build a factory to process green tea products, with an output of more than 800 tons per year, revenue of more than 66 billion dong; The cooperative's tea products are divided into two categories: products for export abroad and products for domestic consumption. Currently, the cooperative creates jobs for nearly 40 local workers, with a salary of 7 million VND/person/month.

Panoramic view of tea hill of Vinh Tan Tea Cooperative. Photo: Scene Live

Son Duong district currently has 25 products that have been standardized with OCOP stars. In the coming time, Son Duong district is expected to develop more than 75 products participating in the OCOP program. In order for OCOP products to develop and reach out, in addition to participating in the district's product promotion booths, they also actively introduce and display OCOP products at tourist sites and attractions to introduce to visitors about special products. local characteristics, thereby diversifying tourism products.

According to Comrade Ngo Tuyet Nhung, Deputy Director of the Rural Development Sub-Department, when tourism products are OCOP products, many positive changes will be created, in which the sense of preserving and promoting the value of products local people's own will be better. In addition, the propaganda and promotion of OCOP products through the tourism channel will be widely known and known to more tourists... In order to make good use of that strength, in the coming time, functional sectors will coordinate. appraise and standardize into OCOP products according to the correct process. Thereby in order to preserve and promote the brand, enhance the role of localities, each citizen and businesses and cooperatives to associate tourism development with the OCOP Program to bring sustainable economic value to people. people.

According to Quang Online Newspaper


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