Then singing and community tourism

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"Late night listening to the calculation, listening to then / Cloud hair suddenly turned black and smooth". Then language with the Tay is like that. Then tunes have unique cultural values, attractive charm, captivate people's hearts, and become an indispensable spiritual dish of the highlanders. Therefore, in the development of community-based tourism in Tuyen Quang, Then and Dan language are exploited by almost all localities, as a bridge between indigenous culture and tourists.

Spiritual food indispensable

At the community tourist sites in Chiem Hoa, Na Hang, Lam Binh, the presence of then-dandelion singing clubs has become an indispensable spiritual dish.

"Liam Binh is not far away / Flowers bloom with the fragrance of spring / The wind is sweet and the afternoon sun is purple / White clouds surround the village ... ". Then, under the folds of the houses on stilts, the sound of Then is so sweet that it seems to hold back a visitor from afar to stay longer with the charming land of Lam Binh.

Tourists experience swimming arrays, listening to then singing, dandy on Na Naa lake.

In Lam Binh, now every commune has established clubs to sing then, dan dan. Ms. Vu Thi Ngoc Tuyet, Chairman of Thuong Ha Then Singing and Dancing Club, said that the club currently has more than 40 members, all of whom are children from primary to high school. Many visitors to Lam Binh are very impressed with the children with then melodies such as "Ban Nong ton Spring", "Invite betel", "Road to Lam Binh", "Phoenix spreads its wings", "Thank you teacher" Thank you", "Thanks to the Party", "Thuong Lam's hometown", "My hometown is renewed", "Thanks to Uncle Ho's Party"… The club's hours of operation "cover" almost all Homestays in the district. For Ms. Tuyet, this success is not only drawing tourists closer to the local culture, but also the fastest and most practical way to teach folklore to the younger generation.

Tan An (Chiem Hoa) - the cradle of the then tunes, the preservation, transmission and introduction of then tunes into community tourism activities is more concerned than ever.

For several years now, every year, the People's Committee of Tan An commune has organized a class to teach people in the commune how to sing then and zither. Ms. Mai Thuy Trac, a retired officer of the District Culture and Sports Center, assumes this task. Each class usually has about 60 students. Graduation results have never disappointed Ms. Trac, when the number of students who know how to play, sing and perform are 100%.

Last year, Tan An Then Singing Club was established, with nearly 30 members. Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoan, Tan Hop village, Club President shared, currently, community tourism is starting to develop in the commune, with 2 homestays that have been opened: Homestay Anh Thuong and Homestay Suoi Khuong. Then, dandy tunes are requested by guests and become an attractive "specialty" when visiting Tan An.

Turn singing then, dandy into a separate tourism product

Facing the attraction of then tunes with tourists, from the beginning of 2022, when tourism reopened after nearly 2 years of pause because of the epidemic, the Provincial Tourism Area Management Board decided to put then singing, Ethnicity on Na Nua lake becomes a tourist product, exploited simultaneously with historical tourism in Tan Trao (Son Duong). According to the Management Board of Tourist Areas of Tuyen Quang Province, this is an effort to refresh the product and meet the needs of visitors when combining historical tourism and cultural experiences in the same tour program. Visitors after visiting places in Tan Trao historical site can spend about 30 minutes walking on Na Naa lake by boat and listening to then singing from Tay ethnic artisans. To fully see the heart of Na Naa lake, visitors need more than 1 hour while listening to then singing and having cultural exchanges with local people.

The then singing and dandy club in Trung Yen commune is the main force here. Ms. Dam Thanh Hien, the club's president, said that almost every day, customers order this service. As a result, the sisters in the village can both retain their identity and have an additional source of income to love and appreciate their ethnic singing. The number of Club members is constantly increasing. Club President Dam Thanh Hien said that this year, she will open another class to teach then dan dan for more than a dozen children aged 8-12 years old, to have the next class.

Teaching then singing, dan dan in Tan An commune (Chiem Hoa).

Head of the professional department, Management Board of Tourist Areas of the province   Le Thi Thu Hoa said that then singers as well as rowers are local people who have been trained and trained to serve tourists safely. complete and attentive. Depending on the needs, guests can spend time to experience this new service, but it takes at least 30 minutes to listen to about 3-5 songs. According to Ms. Hoa, singing then is officially honored by UNESCO as an intangible heritage representing humanity and the province is looking to promote cultural exchange activities in tourism development. Array is a means of local people used to cross rivers and streams from the past, then the culture is retained to create a unique cultural experience for visitors when coming to Tan Trao. In particular, at present, almost 100% of tourist groups visiting Tan Trao Special National Monument have registered for this experience.

A representative of the Management Board of tourist areas of Tuyen Quang province said that adding then singing to tourism activities not only increases the experience for tourists but also keeps visitors at the attraction longer, spending more. .

The new experience tourism product of swimming, listening to then singing, and dandy on Na Naa lake associated with tourism to the source at Tan Trao Special National Historic Site will create a strong connection between historical tourism. and experience local culture, thereby, attracting tourists to Tuyen Quang.

After Tan Trao, many localities such as Chiem Hoa, Ham Yen, and Yen Son have also put products of swimming array, listening to then singing, and counting into exploitation.

Someone once compared that, if a visitor stops in Tuyen Quang but has not heard the then sound, it is considered as if he has never been to Tuyen. In the fantasy of green and blue water, the sweet Then melody harmonizes with the sound of the lute, smooth as the wind and clouds, making listeners feel like they still feel like they can't understand all the melodies and lyrics even though they don't fully understand the melodies and lyrics. familiar, close.

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