Opening of the Lower Temple, Upper Temple, and Y La Temple Festival in 2024

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On the morning of March 20, at the Ha Temple relic, Tuyen Quang City People's Committee held the opening ceremony of the 2024 Ha Temple, Thuong Temple, and Y La Temple Festival.

Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Hoang Viet Phuong and delegates participated in the procession of the Mother Goddess to Ha Temple.

Attending the opening ceremony were comrade Hoang Viet Phuong, Member of the Provincial Party Committee, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee; Associate Professor. Dr. Nguyen Thi Yen, Member of the Executive Committee of the Vietnam Cultural Heritage Association, Director of the Center for Research and Preservation of Vietnamese Religious Culture; leaders of a number of departments, divisions and branches of the province; Representatives of districts and cities inside and outside the province; Representatives of communes and wards in the city, along with a large number of people and tourists from all over. The festival is broadcast live on the platforms of Tuyen Quang Newspaper.

Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Hoang Viet Phuong and delegates held an incense offering ceremony at Ha Temple.

Lower Temple, Upper Temple, Ỷ La Temple - national historical and cultural relics carrying the sacredness of the long-standing Mother Goddess worship belief in Tuyen Quang city. With unique cultural and spiritual values, on January 23, 2017, the Lower Temple, Upper Temple, Ỷ La Temple Festival was recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as an Intangible Cultural Heritage. national entity.

Tuyen Quang city leaders awarded certificates to organizations and individuals who sponsored and contributed to the restoration of monuments.​

The festival is an opportunity for people of all ethnic groups in Tuyen Quang city to revere and express their gratitude to the Holy Mother's merits to the ethnic communities living in the area. At the same time, preserving and promoting the nation's fine traditional cultural values that have been recognized, meeting the religious needs of the people and their desire for a better life. Through the festival, spiritual tourism of Tuyen Quang city will be promoted.

Leaders of the City People's Committee and leaders of Trang Da commune participated in the Mother Goddess procession from Thuong Temple, Trang Da commune.

Sacrifice to the Holy Mother.

This year's festival is held on a city-level scale with activities associated with the Tam Phu Mother Goddess belief such as: Mother Goddess palanquin procession from Ỷ La Temple, Upper Temple to Lower Temple, Sacrifice and return ceremony vice versa. . In addition, the festival will bring to people and tourists from all over a diverse cultural space with many activities such as introducing the Vietnamese belief in worshiping the Mother Goddess of the Three Palaces, dragon dancing, lion dancing, literary singing, cultural exchanges, sports competitions, and organization of folk games.

The Mother Goddess procession passes through the streets of Trang Da commune, Nong Tien ward.

A special dragon dance performance follows the procession.

Unique lion dance performance.​

The festival will take place until March 25, 2024.

According to Tuyen Quang Newspaper online

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