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Tonight, September 26, Lam Binh district held a ceremony to receive the Certificate of recognition of the Fire Dancing Ceremony of the Pa Then people, Hong Quang commune (Lam Binh) as a national intangible cultural heritage. This is a pride and at the same time a great responsibility in preserving, preserving and promoting the value of heritage.

According to data from the Provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2023, the sector has inventoried intangible cultural heritage in the province with 16 ethnic groups. Accordingly, currently there are 425 heritage sites in the entire province. The sector also conducted an inventory of 40 typical intangible cultural heritages of ethnic minorities in the province; prepare intangible cultural heritage documents and submit them to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

In early June 2023, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism certified 4 intangible cultural heritages of the province including: Hong Thai Communal Festival, Tan Trao commune (Son Duong); knowledge and practices of wet rice cultivation of the Tay people in Lang Can commune, Hong Quang commune, Khuon Ha commune, Thuong Lam commune, Phuc Yen commune (Lam Binh); fire jumping ceremony of the Pa Then people, Hong Quang commune (Lam Binh); knowledge about water of the Tay people in Trung Ha commune, Ha Lang commune (Chiem Hoa); Con Lon commune (Na Hang); Phuc Yen commune (Lam Binh) was included in the list of national intangible cultural heritage, bringing the total number of national intangible cultural heritage of the province to 16 heritage sites.

Fire jumping ceremony of the Pa Then people - Lam Binh district.

The Pa Then people in Tuyen Quang reside mainly in Thuong Minh village, Hong Quang commune (Lam Binh) and Linh Phu commune (Chiem Hoa), with about 700 people. When mentioning the Pa Then people, people mention the fire dancing ceremony and vice versa. The fire dancing ceremony of the people usually takes place during leisure time, when all farm work is finished, around the 16th day of the 10th lunar month of the previous year to the 16th day of the 1st lunar month of the following year. The ceremony is held in a large yard in the village and is divided into two parts, worshiping before sunset takes place about 3-4 hours and fire dancing after dark takes place for about 1 hour.

The first part is the part where the shaman invites the gods to participate in the ceremony and enter the students. The second part is the fire jumping ceremony, a large fire has been lit and burns into bright red coals. Those participating in fire jumping will take turns jumping into the pile of embers, using both their hands and bare feet to destroy it until the fire burns out. The most mysterious thing about the fire dancing ceremony is that the Pa Then boys bravely danced barefoot on hot coals without getting burned.

The fire jumping ceremony carries the unique identity of the Pa Then community, has a strong and profound impact on the spiritual life, molds the soul and personality of the Pa Then people, and demonstrates the extraordinary strength of the people. People who dare to face difficulties, challenges, and ward off bad luck. Artisan Phu Van Thanh, Thuong Minh village, Hong Quang commune (Lam Binh), who is passionate about practicing, preserving and transmitting the unique culture of the Pa Then people's fire dancing ceremony shares: Fire dancing ceremony to give thanks Thank God for a year of good harvests, a prosperous life, healthy villagers without illness, thereby contributing to educating traditions and a strong spirit of community cohesion for generations of people. Pa Then.

Lam Binh district is the earliest locality in the province to receive registration certificates on September 26. Ms. Ly Thi Toan, Thuong Minh village, Hong Quang commune, said that for many days now she has been organizing the performance team to practice to serve the ceremony to receive the decision on the fire dancing ceremony of the Pa Then people, Hong Quang commune. National Intangible Cultural Heritage List. She said, as a Pa Then child, when the fire dancing ceremony of her ancestors is recognized and honored, whatever smallest thing she can do, she will do her best to do it to the best of her ability.

Sharing that excitement, Mr. Lan Van Lam, Thuong Minh village, said that he is also actively practicing the arts of love songs and response songs, especially the "Fire Ball Festival" performances. "Pa Then girls" for the communal festival. Mr. Lam said that these days, people in the village voluntarily clean up the village roads and alleys. Pa Then people are eagerly waiting and ready to serve the decision-receiving ceremony with the most excited and excited spirit. .

Comrade Nguyen Thanh Trung, Member of the Provincial Party Executive Committee, Secretary of the District Party Committee, Chairman of Lam Binh District People's Committee said: In the coming time, to do a good job of preserving, preserving and promoting sustainable values heritage, it is necessary for close coordination of functional agencies as well as the cooperation of the entire community. Heritages need to be well managed and organized, especially propaganda is needed to make people aware that preserving and promoting heritage values will bring benefits in economic development; Promoting heritage values needs to be associated with improving people's lives, contributing to the local socio-economic development.

Within the framework of the ceremony to receive the national intangible cultural heritage of Lam Binh district (September 26), cultural and sports activities also took place; brocade display booths; typical Pa Then ethnic products; Organize pounding of green rice for tourists to experience; Pa Then brocade weaving and embroidery demonstration; package of croissants; competitions in traditional Pa Then ethnic sports and experiential fun activities for students of Hong Quang Primary and Secondary Ethnic Boarding School (Lam Binh).

According to Tuyen Quang Newspaper online

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