Online tourism: Solutions to stimulate tourism demand

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In the context of the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic, tourists have not been to Tuyen Quang, the introduction of the online tourism model (Online tour) to serve tourists, helps domestic and foreign tourists know Tourism of the province is necessary. Through online tours, it is possible to promote images, cuisine and tourism products of Tuyen Quang to attract tourists to visit.

Revitalize the tourism industry

Ben Thuy (Na Hang) these days only a few tourists in the province visit Tuyen Quang hydropower reservoir, different from the bustling scene of boats at the same time in previous years. Mr. Nguyen Hoang Viet, group 6, Na Hang town has 2 boats carrying tourists. In the years before the Covid-19 epidemic did not break out, the family's boat operated at full capacity on weekends. tourist service, but this time the boat is lying in the wharf, there are only 1-2 trips within the province every month, the revenue decreases.

The Covid-19 epidemic not only affects tourist areas, but also negatively affects tourism businesses and businesses in the province. Mr. Bui Manh Hai, Director of Hoang Hai Trading and Tourism Company Limited, Vinh Loc town (Chiem Hoa) said that his company as well as travel agencies in 2020 and the first months of 2021 almost no revenue. Tours are not allowed to depart during the epidemic, tickets and other services are not refundable, causing economic losses to travel agencies a lot. In addition, the Company still has difficulties in hiring headquarters, paying salaries for employees... The company wishes to receive the attention and support of functional industries so that tourism units in the area can overcome. difficult; at the same time, speed up the vaccination against Covid-19 so that tourism units can operate in a safe environment.

The charm of women in Hong Thai commune

The beauty of Khuoi Nhi waterfall

Na Hang Ecological Lake was introduced by experts through the online travel application.

Responding to the program "Vietnamese people travel to Vietnam" of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, tourism activities are promoted and advertised on the mass media, contributing to attracting a large number of tourists. island tourists are interested in.

In order to realize the goal of making tourism an important economic sector, it is really a development breakthrough that requires immediate and long-term fundamental solutions to cope with the Covid-19 epidemic.

The province continues to build a safe tourism environment; maintaining a healthy living environment associated with many meaningful activities at tourist spots and resorts such as using environmentally friendly products, planting many trees, preserving clean water sources at ecological lakes, waterfalls, etc. water, cave; maintaining biodiversity in primeval forests to attract a large number of tourists to experience and visit.

At this time, when the number of tourists decreased, the tourism industry also took advantage of the time to coordinate with accommodation establishments and travel companies to organize professional training for the tour guide team, ensuring the highest level of quality. high quality service for visitors. Tour guides have an important role, they are ambassadors to introduce, invite and retain tourists to the homeland of Tuyen Quang rich in hospitality, rich in cultural traditions, history and natural landscapes. amazing.

Travel 4.0

One of the most active solutions at this time of the tourism industry is to find new tourism promotion solutions that are suitable for the situation.

The Provincial Investment Promotion Center has just organized an Online tour program on the Zoom application platform. Nguyen Thi Hai, Head of the Commercial Investment Support Advisory Department, Provincial Investment Promotion Center, said that the Center organized an online experience tour on Zoom application in 2 districts of Na Hang and Lam Binh in 3 day with the participation of experts doing online travel. The application of online tourism aims to introduce to domestic and foreign friends the destinations, traditional cultural features of ethnic groups and tourism products of Tuyen Quang. This type of tourism does not bring a big source of income, but it is also a motivation for tourists to maintain activities during the Covid-19 epidemic. In which, experts support people and travel companies to deploy online tourism through applications to promote provincial tourism.

Expert Ho Trong Tien, who specializes in international travel, New Indochina Travel Company shared, "Through my discovery experience, I am very impressed with the land and people of Tuyen Quang, where there are many beautiful scenes and cultural features. unique culture of the people and quite unique tourism products. From the terraced rice fields in Hong Thai commune in the beautiful season, to the experience of making five-color vermicelli in Da Vi commune (Na Hang); enjoy the pristine natural landscape on the lakebed of Tuyen Quang hydropower reservoir; The beauty of waterfalls and caves here makes me extremely impressed.”


According to expert Ho Trong Tien, Tuyen Quang has a lot of potential for tourism development, through the journey, he has directly introduced Tuyen Quang tourism to a number of Japanese tourists, most of them are very interested and want to come. with Tuyen Quang to directly experience in the nearest time when the Covid-19 epidemic is under control. According to experts, if the promotion of local tourism is done well through mass media channels and online travel applications, Tuyen Quang will attract many tourists in the coming time.

Mr. Sin Van Toan, Pa Then ethnic group, Hong Quang commune (Lam Binh) said that, being guided by an expert to do online tourism on smartphones, he will continue to learn more deeply, thereby directly promoting The unique cultural features of the Pa Then people such as the Fire Dance Festival come to domestic and foreign tourists to attract tourists to join and experience.

Through online tours, travel agencies still have revenue; Tourists still know about Tuyen Quang's tourism and experience tourism activities here in a whole new direction. So that as soon as the epidemic is under control, visitors can enjoy it directly without being surprised.

According to Tuyen Quang Online Newspaper

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