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Tuyen Quang Smart Travel Portal system and Smart Travel Application on mobile devices have started to run ...

Recently, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has cooperated with Department of Information and Communications and Telecommunications of Tuyen Quang - Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group to build (version test). This is one of the contents of the implementation of the project "Building intelligent tourism system in Tuyen Quang province in the period of 2019-2020, vision to 2025".

On the intelligent tourism portal system, build an integrated data warehouse system for the purpose of advertising and promoting Tuyen Quang tourism. The data warehouse includes tourist zones, destinations, travel event information, travel businesses, restaurants, tourist accommodation establishments, entertainment venues, shopping centers, souvenir shops, etc. .. The system also provides sample schedules, instant booking tools, voice search, translation and conversion between languages ​​to support foreign visitors ... From there, visitors can quickly find Search and choose the programs and itineraries that suit your needs and interests.

In addition, the Smart Tourism Information Technology provides effective support for tourism businesses to effectively connect with related parties, expand sales channels; support the promotion of local tourism and entertainment information to all tourists in the world, and at the same time help local authorities to manage and capture the tourism situation in the area quickly and conveniently; at the same time improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the state management, contribute to promoting growth and raising the competitiveness of Tuyen Quang tourism. The introduction of the Smart Tourism Portal is considered a breakthrough solution, contributing to the construction of high quality tourism services, bringing Tuyen Quang tourism to a development.

Instructions on how to access the Smart Travel Portal and Smart Travel App on mobile devices are as follows:

* Access to Tuyen Quang Province Tourism Portal

- Access address:

- Access equipment: Computer desk, laptop, tablet, mobile phone.

- How to access: Use popular web browser applications such as Chrome, FireFox, Safari ... on the devices to access and enter the address as mentioned above.

* Install Tuyen Quang Province Tourism Information Application on mobile devices:

- Application name: Tuyen Quang Tourism

- Access equipment: Tablet, mobile phone.

- How to install:

+ For devices using Android operating system: On the device, open the Google Play Store application (CH Play), search for Tuyen Quang Tourism application and install.

+ For devices using iOS operating system: On the device, open the AppStore application, search for Tuyen Quang Tourism application and install.

Nguyen Hue

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