Champa Tong Tong Festival 2024

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On February 17 (January 8), at the district's central stadium, Chiem Hoa District People's Committee organized the Tong Tong Festival. The festival wishes to pray for peace in the country and people, good rain, good winds, good harvests, and good health, prosperity, peace, and happiness for all families.

Delegates attending the festival.

Attending the festival were comrades: Pham Thi Minh Xuan, Member of the Provincial Party Standing Committee, Standing Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Council; Ma The Hong, Member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Head of the Provincial Party Committee's Organization Committee, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Provincial Agencies and Enterprises Sector; Ha Phuc Mich, former Standing Vice Chairman of the Central Vietnam Farmers' Union, former Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, former Chairman of the People's Committee of Tuyen Quang province; Nguyen The Giang, Member of the Provincial Party Committee, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee; Mai Duc Thong, Member of the Provincial Party Committee, Editor-in-Chief of Tuyen Quang Newspaper, Chairman of the Provincial Journalists Association; leaders of a number of departments, divisions, branches and agencies of the province; Chiem Hoa district leaders at different periods; leaders of a number of localities inside and outside the province along with a large number of people and tourists from everywhere. The festival consists of 2 parts:

Chiem Hoa district leaders beat drums to open the festival.

The ceremony takes place with the following activities: Procession of altar trays from Bach Than Temple, Vinh Loc town to the district's central stadium, accompanied by lion dances and bronze dances of young men and women. The trays are full of delicious local products to offer thanks to the gods for blessing the local people with a prosperous and happy life, giving thanks to heaven and earth, praying for prosperity and happiness for everyone. home. At the end of the ceremony is the ritual of beating drums to open the festival, going to the fields to plow fields with the hope that the plowing roads will be lucky at the beginning of the year, people will be prosperous, things will be prosperous, and the harvest will be good; early spring fortune and coin toss ceremony...

Ceremony of receiving the altar tray.

Carrying the palanquin to the altar.

Festival with folk games, traditional sports competitions, cultural exchanges, and folk dance. Delegates, people, and tourists visit the Spring Fair, admire giant shuttlecocks, buy local products as gifts...

The priest performed the worship ceremony.

The festival is organized annually by the government and people of Champa with the purpose of preserving and promoting the traditional cultural values of the ethnic groups in the area, and is also an opportunity to introduce potentials and strengths. Economic, cultural and tourism development of the district to tourists from near and far. Tong Tong Festival has been recognized as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

The musical performances carry the identity of the Tay Chiem Hoa people.

Ensemble performance at the Champa Tong Tong Festival. Photo: Hoang Thao

The fruit is also giant.

Delegates participated in the early spring toss.

People and tourists participate in tossing the shuttlecock.

Ritual of plowing land at the beginning of the new year.

Panorama of Champa Tong Tong Festival. Photo: Hoang Thao

According to Tuyen Quang Online Newspaper

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