7 key trends of tourism in 2022

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The year 2022 is coming very close, although Covid-19 has not completely passed, the feeling of hope is gradually rising. In a recent survey by Booking.com, Vietnamese tourists shared new perspectives on tourism in the upcoming new year. So what trends will be the mainstream of tourism in 2022?

Travel is a "vitamin" for life

More than daily exercise or meditation, going on vacation is a form of self-care by 2022, more than 86% of Vietnamese tourists affirm that traveling makes them mentally healthier and emotions compared to other forms of rest and relaxation.

After more than 1  years of applying and changing travel restrictions, the important health benefits of tourism are increasingly being recognized. Of these, nearly 60% of Vietnamese tourists said they didn't realize the importance of traveling for their health until it was completely out of hand, and 87% said that planning a vacation has a positive effect on their emotions.

Temporarily away from the office (at home)

When the pandemic broke out, around the world, houses suddenly turned into offices. However, 2022 will see a significant increase in the number of people who want to regain control so that they can re-balance work and life in a solid and harmonious way. 79% of Vietnamese tourists will absolutely not mention work while on vacation in 2022, something that won't always happen in 2021 when the line between home and work becomes blurred.

Despite the flexibility to work remotely, 61% of Vietnamese tourists surveyed would still accept to spend less time on vacation in 2022 if they could get away from work completely, instead of having more time. in the destination but must combine work and travel.

With 60% of Vietnamese tourists claiming that they worked more and took less vacations during the epidemic season, more people will surely have the opportunity to set up automatic replies for business emails and messages to make their trip. go that they deserve in 2022.

It feels like the first time

Anthony Lu, Mekong and China Regional Director at Booking.com commented: “As Vietnam prepares to reopen its borders in the coming months, we find a lot of people are both excited and nervous at the same time. chance to travel again. Whether traveling at home or abroad, a new era of travel is fast approaching, and our mission is to make it easy for everyone to do so.”

It is possible that many of the travelers have forgotten where to keep their passports or even how to prepare their luggage, but all those surprises due to not traveling for a long time will give way to true joy, even with very ordinary aspects, when we have the opportunity to go on a trip in 2022.

After a long time of being "stuck", visitors will enjoy every moment instead of rushing to visit everywhere during the journey. 89% of Vietnamese tourists said that travel will be more interesting when each journey is also a part of the trip.

Every "first time" on a visitor's trip in 2022 will be a moment to enjoy, as the majority of Vietnamese tourists reveal that simple pleasures like basking in the sun (73%) or Seeing the sea, lakes, rivers and streams (87%) is enough to make the mood more exhilarating. Even not knowing how to take public transport in an unfamiliar foreign-speaking city is what makes two-thirds (71%) of Vietnamese tourists excited.

After a long stretch of limited options, getting to feel those first times again and living each moment to the fullest will be the spirit of travel in 2022.

Prioritize the community

Restricting movement during the pandemic forces travelers to learn how to enjoy the things that are nearby, such as supporting small businesses and local businesses or helping disadvantaged people in the community. .

In 2022, the desire to connect authentically with the local community will continue even while traveling, as travelers become more mindful of their impact on the places they visit.

In fact, 82% of Vietnamese tourists polled agree that it is important that their trip benefits the local community at the destination, and 79% would appreciate an app or website that gives proposals for destinations where tourism growth will have a positive impact on local communities.

39% of Vietnamese travelers will find out more about how supportive the property is to local businesses, or how their travel spending will affect or improve the local community (31 %).

Find new lands, new faces

For many people, the pandemic means long periods of time with family and close friends, so the holidays in 2022 will be an opportunity to expand and forge new relationships.

With 79% of Vietnamese tourists participating in the survey wanting to meet new friends while traveling, the holiday will become an opportunity to expand social relationships, with 79% wanting to interact and make new friends. Connect with others on vacation.

More open to forms of tourism

After a long period of limited roads, tourists are gradually thinking more positively for 2022. Next year will be full of impromptu trips, when people are ready to accept unexpected turns in their journeys. submit. In fact, 54% of Vietnamese travelers would prefer a vacation that is flexible and adaptive to reality, rather than carefully planned with lots of activities.

84% of Vietnamese tourists admit that they would say “yes” to every vacation occasion if the budget allows, and 74% would be more open to different forms of vacation than before the pandemic because of just being able to go. away made them feel happy. This positive mentality helps open up an ever wider world for travellers, in which many take more risks when choosing a vacation form and even when choosing a travel companion.

Accept unpredictable developments from the pandemic

In 2022, uncertainty will persist in the tourism industry, and travelers cannot change or anticipate all the new surprises and challenges ahead, but can learn to embrace them.

As technology has helped travelers stay connected and inspired in so many different ways over the past year and a half, travelers will continue to rely on their favorite apps to get through the unexpected in their lives. trips.

Accordingly, 82% of Vietnamese tourists agree that technology helps ease anxiety around traveling. Technology will continue to help people handle unpredictable obstacles on the road thanks to increasing sensitivity and initiative.

Therefore, in the near future, predictive technologies will be applied more widely, which can help tourists make more informed decisions, with 79% of Vietnamese tourists going to be interested in an innovative service that can help them make better decisions. can predict which countries will be safe to travel to, even months in advance, or 82% expect the technology to automatically suggest easily travelable destinations at the moment based on Covid regulations -19 applicable for that country and locality.

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