Tuyen Quang Provincial Party Committee has just issued Resolution No. 29-NQ/TU dated June 16, 2021 on developing tourism into an important economic sector of the province

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The resolution sets out the goal of developing and implementing synchronously the tasks and solutions for the rapid and sustainable development of the province's tourism industry; focus on building tourism infrastructure in a synchronous and modern direction; encouraging the development of unique tourism products; becoming an attractive destination in the northern mountainous region, attracting more and more tourists to visit and experience, soon turning tourism into an important economic sector of the province, contributing to economic restructuring. , labor, creating jobs, raising incomes for people and businesses, increasing budget revenue for the locality, promoting other economic sectors to develop...

Regarding specific goals: By 2025, to build Tan Trao special national relic site basically meeting the criteria of a national tourist area; My Lam mineral spring tourist area is a high-class eco-resort resort; to build and develop Thanh Tuyen Festival as a typical, unique, national-branded tourism product; Na Hang - Lam Binh special national scenic spot is the center of ecotourism, community tourism, discovery tourism with national brand name, towards international brand; building and improving the quality of spiritual tourism products to form a tourist attraction.

Each district and city builds at least 01 typical cultural village associated with tourism development; build from 01 to 02 typical, attractive and attractive tourism products to attract tourists; focus on building 01 (one) provincial-level ethnic culture village to ensure synchronous, methodical, and unique characteristics; strive to welcome over 03 million tourists; total social revenue from tourism reached over 4,800 billion VND; contribute to GRDP of 6% or more; create jobs for over 25,000 workers.

Tan Trao Communal House. Photo: Hanoimoi.com.vn

By 2030, complete the criteria that Tan Trao National Tourist Area is a prestigious and quality national historical tourist area; to build My Lam mineral spring tourist area which is a high-class eco-tourism resort of international standards; Na Hang - Lam Binh eco-tourism area basically meets the criteria of national eco-tourism area. Striving to welcome over 5.5 million tourists; contribute 10% or more to the province's GRDP; create jobs for over 35,000 employees; synchronous technical and material base system; tourism products of high quality, meeting diverse markets. The resolution also sets out specific tasks and solutions to well implement the above objectives Strengthen the leadership and direction of the Party committees and authorities; promote the role of the To Quoc Front and socio-political organizations; raise awareness about tourism development There are solutions to further raise awareness of the roles, meanings, benefits and responsibilities in tourism development and tourism economy for Party committees, authorities, To National Front and socio-political organizations association from province to grassroots. Clearly define tourism development as inevitable, in line with local trends and potentials and advantages; is a key task in socio-economic development; to build the tourism industry into an important economic sector of the province both in the short term and in the long term. There are mechanisms and policies to mobilize the participation of the whole political system, businesses and all classes of people in the drastic and effective action. The Fatherland Front and socio-political organizations at all levels further promote propaganda so that cadres, party members, union members, members, businesses and the people grasp the Party's guidelines and policies. , the law of the State, the goals and orientations of the province, the responsibility of the political system, businesses and the social community for tourism development, in which the Party committee and government are the creators, businesses and people are the subjects that directly implement and benefit in tourism development, especially in the business of tourism services and products; raising people's awareness of sustainable tourism development, tourism development must be associated with the conservation of the community's cultural heritage, preserving the natural landscape, ecological environment, civilized lifestyle, keeping maintaining order and security, building image, tourism brand Tuyen Quang "Convergence beauty, safe, friendly, hospitable". Strongly renew the thinking and awareness of the Party committee, the political system from the province to the grassroots and the people of all walks of life, about tourism as a general, interdisciplinary, regional service economy. highly socialized and deeply cultural, with high economic value, creating many jobs, raising incomes for the community, transforming the economic structure, labor structure, making important contributions to the promotion of socio-economic development. promoting growth, socio-economic development, ensuring national defense and security. In which, Tuyen Quang is a province with many potentials and advantages in tourism that are very important, especially such as: historical tourism, eco-tourism, resort tourism, healthcare tourism... conditions to build into national quality tourism products, towards international brands. Well perform planning and planning management; effectively mobilize investment resources to build infrastructure, material and technical facilities for tourism development Actively coordinate with relevant agencies and localities to speed up the preparation of scientific dossiers for Ba Be Natural Area (Bac Kan) - Na Hang (Tuyen Quang) to submit to UNESCO for recognition as a world natural heritage, contributing to international branding of local tourism. Strictly manage and speed up the implementation, ensure the quality of approved tourism development plans. Reviewing, formulating and supplementing spatial planning, general planning, functional zoning planning of potential and advantageous tourist zones and spots. In particular, to focus on planning and developing tourism in Tuyen Quang city as a tourism connection center of the province, creating a driving force to promote the province's tourism to develop quickly and sustainably; building Tan Trao special national relic site basically meeting the criteria of national tourist area, along with Kim Binh special national relic site, Provincial Museum are attractions, historical education, the nation's revolutionary tradition is particularly important; My Lam mineral spring resort is a high-class international eco-resort tourist destination; to build and develop Thanh Tuyen Festival into a typical, unique, national-branded tourism product; planning and developing the Na Hang - Lam Binh Special National Scenic Area as an eco-tourism area, a national community-based tourism, towards having an international brand in the direction of exploiting and promoting efficiency go hand in hand with conserving and firmly protecting space, interesting landscapes, and unique culture of ethnic minorities and indigenous people, building unique, unique and attractive tourism products. domestic and international tourists; building spiritual culture in places with favorable conditions into special spiritual tourism products, forming a highlight to attract tourists.

Na Hang district organizes paragliding performance in Hong Thai commune attracting a large number of tourists. Photo: Quang Minh

Focus on mobilizing resources, focusing on integrating state investment capital, socialization resources from organizations, businesses and the people to invest and support programs and projects. tourism development, especially investment and construction of transport infrastructure to tourist zones and spots; inter-regional, inter-provincial traffic, stops, parking lots for road vehicles, parking lots for water vehicles, attractive "Check-in" points in key tourist areas and attractions of the province such as: Tan Trao special national relic site, Kim Binh special national relic site;

My Lam mineral spring tourist area; Special National Scenic Area Na Hang - Lam Binh; tourist attractions in Hong Thai commune, Na Hang district, Ban Ba ​​waterfall, Trung Ha commune, Chiem Hoa district; community tourist attractions in districts and cities... To step up the development of technical infrastructure of telecommunications, electricity and information technology; systems of water supply, drainage, wastewater treatment, garbage and environmental sanitation... in tourist areas and spots; encourage all economic sectors to invest in accommodation establishments, restaurants, hotels, amusement parks, giving priority to the construction of establishments meeting high-class and international standards. Focus on planning, planting trees, planting flowers according to thematic, creating attractive landscapes, identities, along the routes belonging to the tour, routes, zones, attractions and tourist attractions.

Promote the application of science and technology; innovate and improve the effectiveness of investment promotion and attraction; improve the effectiveness of tourism promotion; strengthen linkages and cooperation in tourism development Promote the application of science and technology in the implementation of tourism development tasks and solutions, in the direction of building a smart tourism system, towards digital transformation in local tourism activities, especially building and developing tourism products; in the conservation and management of heritage and cultural relics in the province; building a database of tourism resources, especially data and information on intangible cultural heritage to promote, promote, attract investment, build into typical tourism products; Applying digital technology to promote creative and smart tourism development. Bringing into play the strength of information technology, communication and social networks in propagating and promoting tourism's potentials, strengths and products to ensure professionalism, create effects, and spread far-reaching; continue to effectively implement the project "Building a smart tourism system in Tuyen Quang province in the period of 2019-2020, with a vision to 2025",... in order to promote and introduce more deeply and boldly the image of tourism in Tuyen Quang province. provincial calendar with both national and international.

Nghiên cứu, xây dựng và ban hành các cơ chế, chính sách khuyến khích, thu hút các nhà đầu tư chiến lược, doanh nghiệp có năng lực, kinh nghiệm đầu tư các khu dịch vụ du lịch phức hợp, du lịch sinh thái, các dự án dịch vụ du lịch quy mô lớn, đặc biệt là cơ sở lưu trú, cơ sở vui chơi giải trí, khu nghỉ dưỡng cao cấp, phù hợp nhu cầu và xu hướng du lịch mới; khuyến khích các doanh nghiệp khởi nghiệp, đổi mới, sáng tạo, đa dạng hóa các loại hình, sản phẩm du lịch, dịch vụ kinh doanh du lịch phù hợp với thế mạnh của địa phương.

Develop extensive, focused and strategic tourism investment and promotion programs and plans for each type and product of tourism. Strengthen the host of organizing and participating in tourism investment promotion programs, cultural, sports and tourism events at regional, national and international levels. Strengthening links between tours and routes between tourist areas and attractions in the province and the region; actively cooperate with localities in the region; strengthen cooperation between enterprises of the province and domestic and international enterprises, especially those operating in the field of tourism; effectively organize the implementation of domestic and international tourism development cooperation program activities...

Develop and promulgate mechanisms and policies to support and create a favorable environment for tourism development

Research, develop, and promulgate mechanisms and policies to encourage tourism development in the province in order to effectively mobilize and use resources for tourism development investment, focusing on mechanisms and policies. land clearance support books; developing community tourism in association with preserving and promoting traditional cultural identities; human resource training; communication, promotion; building telecommunications infrastructure, accommodation and service facilities; develop specific tourism products, new tourism products; production, souvenir products, tourist gifts... to attract investors, especially organizations and individuals with prestige, potential and experience in investment and tourism development in the local area. .

Accelerating administrative reform, focusing on promoting the application of information technology, simplifying procedures, reducing focal points, minimizing time in handling administrative procedures in general and the tourism sector in general. private; fully publicize the guidelines of the Party, policies and laws of the State, objectives, orientations, master plans and plans on tourism development in the locality for the social community, especially businesses. and people from all walks of life, creating a truly open, transparent and favorable environment for organizations, businesses and individuals in the process of investment, business and tourism development in the locality.

Improving the quality of tourism human resources

Party committees and authorities at all levels identified this as an important task and solution that decided to develop local tourism quickly and sustainably. Focusing on tasks and solutions to build tourism human resources to ensure both quantity and quality, with a reasonable structure, the focus is on training and improving the level of human resources for state management, business management and employees directly engaged in tourism, ensuring professional qualifications, high vocational skills, meeting requirements, suitable for each type and product of tourism. Prioritizing the development of local human resources, training necessary skills for people to participate in community tourism, such as: ensuring environmental sanitation, guides, skills in serving rooms, tables and bars , cooking, transportation services... especially communication skills and foreign language skills. Having policies to attract highly qualified, experienced and reputable human resources for the local tourism sector.

Mobilizing and integrating resources for training human resources for tourism; encourage businesses to cooperate in training and retraining tourism human resources. Improve the quality of teaching specialized in tourism of training institutions in the area; effectively exploit, manage and use resources to support human resource training for the tourism sector, especially resources for socialization and support from foreign projects.


Nâng cao vai trò, trách nhiệm người đứng đầu cấp ủy, chính quyền các cấp trong việc lãnh đạo, chỉ đạo và tổ chức thực hiện có hiệu quả chức năng quản lý nhà nước về du lịch trên địa bàn, trọng tâm là: quản lý và thực hiện các quy hoạch du lịch; quản lý, khai thác có hiệu quả, bền vững tài nguyên du lịch; bảo tồn, khai thác, phát huy bản sắc văn hóa; bảo vệ thương hiệu du lịch của địa phương, như: nếp sống văn minh, bảo đảm vệ sinh, môi trường, an toàn thực phẩm, an ninh, an toàn cho khách du lịch; xây dựng môi trường du lịch thực sự thân thiện.

Strengthening state management of tourism

Review and supplement functions, tasks and payrolls of agencies and units in charge of tourism, ensuring to meet and well perform assigned tasks. To step up the inspection, examination and control of the quality of tourism services, strictly handle violations. Create an equal competitive business environment in order to promote the province's tourism development quickly and sustainably, create favorable conditions for organizations, individuals, businesses and people to participate in the development of tourism services.

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