Admire the fire dance festival of the Pa Then ethnic group

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Admire the fire dance festival of Pa Then ethnic group, Hong Quang commune, Lam Binh district, Tuyen Quang province


Firence festival is a unique cultural activity of the Pa Then ethnic group.

In the spiritual life of the Pa Then people, there are always gods to protect and help. The Fire Dance Ceremony of the Pa Then ethnic group has become a beauty of cultural and spiritual activities, showing the extraordinary strength of people who dare to face difficulties and challenges, and chase away bad luck.

The fire dance festival also means thanking the gods for a year of good crops, a prosperous life, and healthy villagers without illness.

The festival begins with the shaman of the Pa Then making an invocation ceremony to the gods. Sacrificial offerings include a bowl of incense, a percussion instrument, a chicken, 5 cups of wine, and paper money.

When the sorcerer knocks on the harp and performs an offering ceremony, the participants in the fire dance will sit next to the magician and be blessed with "entering the field" and only for men.

When a large bonfire is lit in the middle of the yard to make hot coals for the fire dancers to perform, it is time for the magician to start the ceremony. The ceremony time lasts from 1 even to 3, 4 hours before the fire dance festival starts.

While the sorcerer makes offerings to the gods, it is also the time to enter the field for the fire jumpers, the participants in the fire dance are given strength, ingenuity and courage.

After the sacrifice ceremony ended, the Pa Then boys danced on the burning embers without fear or feeling burning amidst the cheers and cheers of the audience.

Men with bare feet jumped onto the burning coals.

Strangely, they jumped into the pile of coals with such heat, but no one was burned, when they came out they all felt lighter and colder inside.

The Pa Then believe that any Pa Then can jump into the fire as long as the witch has worshiped and given them some strength. The power of the gods will cover and protect them from burns.

Coal spots are thrown into the sky, making viewers and visitors feel excited and curious about this activity.

The traditional fire dance festival of the Pa Then ethnic group is a testament to the strength, the process of labor, and the mastery of nature for human survival and development. This is not only a happy day for the Pa Then village, it not only means to connect the community but also preserves a lot of traditional cultural values from generation to generation.

In 2012, the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism put the Fire Dance festival of the Pa Then people on the National Intangible Cultural Heritage List for the first time, in order to preserve and promote a unique festival. imbued with ethnic cultural identity and attracted a large number of communities to participate.

By: Investment Newspaper


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