Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh: The tourism industry needs to promote creativity and the spirit of overcoming difficulties to maintain operations in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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This is the direction of Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh at the meeting with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on the morning of June 2, 2021 on the implementation of the sector's tasks, a number of key tasks, urgent in the near future.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh delivered a speech at the meeting (Photo: VGP)

Speaking at the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam said that in the long run, cultural activities in general and literature and art in particular will indirectly promote the development of many other economic sectors such as tourism. . However, the cultural field is not always given adequate attention and investment.

The Deputy Prime Minister emphasized that the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism needs to boldly change its thinking in management to make a breakthrough, first of all in the field of preserving and promoting the value of cultural and historical heritage, especially relics. heritage at special level, national level…; urgently deal with a number of outstanding issues, which are of interest to the public, and review the effectiveness and substantive cultural institutions both at the central and local levels.

At the same time, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam also asked the industry to accelerate the digitization of tourism, cultural heritage, documents...

Developing the right position and importance of the culture, sports and tourism industry

Concluding the meeting, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh deeply analyzed the role, position and importance of the industry and its relationship with the overall strength of the country and nation in the development process. The Party and State have clearly defined that socio-economic development is the center, Party building is the key, ensuring national defense is a regular and important task, cultural development is the foundation. spirit, is the endogenous strength for sustainable development.

The Prime Minister stated that, must be proud, deeply aware, promote the spirit, responsibility, change awareness, thinking and action, focus on developing the industry commensurate with the position, role and importance. there. Culture, art and sports inspire, strengthen pride, and strengthen national unity, but this field has very specific characteristics and must be handled with specific measures and policies. appropriate, mobilizing resources for the development of culture, art and sports is also human development.

Over the past time, with the attention of the Party, State and people, the field of culture and art has achieved many important achievements; sports with many achievements; tourism is growing rapidly. The Prime Minister praised the industry's efforts, efforts and results, contributing to the overall achievements of the country.

In addition, the report of the Ministry and the opinions expressed at the meeting were very frank, humbly pointing out the inadequacies, limitations, and proposing solutions to overcome in the coming time. Not drunk with victory but also not pessimistic, lose motivation, lose courage when there are limitations and inadequacies; must be calm, sober, lucid, look straight at the truth, think the truth, speak the truth, do the truth, be effective, the people will enjoy the real results, consider difficulties and limitations as a motivation to strive, rise, overcome. In particular, the Prime Minister noted that the current situation of culture and social morality has deteriorated, so it is necessary to carefully analyze and accurately evaluate this problem in order to have an appropriate and effective solution.

According to the Prime Minister, the cause of the above problems and limitations is that thinking and awareness are still not in line with the role, position and importance of the industry. The industry has not really actively taken the initiative to rise up from internal resources, still has the mindset of waiting and relying. The institutional building has been actively implemented but still not complete and complete. Not paying enough attention to summarizing, doing scientific research, building theories, drawing experiences, replicating advanced examples and good practices. Not attaching importance to inspection and supervision - a very important tool, a method of leadership of the Party.

The mobilization and exploitation of social resources has not been given due importance, is not rich and diversified, has not followed market rules, and has not gone in the right direction and effectively. The enjoyment of cultural achievements also varies between regions.

Panorama (photo: VGP)

Investing in culture is investing in development

In the coming time, the culture, culture and tourism industry will develop in the context that we continue to build a socialist democracy, a socialist rule of law state and develop a socialist-oriented market economy, actively and actively integrate, at the same time. facing huge challenges in terms of population aging, resource depletion, epidemics, climate change, and non-traditional security. The Prime Minister emphasized, in that context, the "directive point and ideology in industry development" is to be self-reliant, self-reliant, to come up from the hands and brains, to turn difficulties and challenges into motivation to strive. , affirmed and mature, hard turn into easy, turning impossible into possible ... thinking must carefully, thought must, determined to be high, efforts should be large, drastic action, efficiency, focus, focus, do whatever it takes. The Prime Minister emphasized the need to renew strong thinking, consider cultural traditions -  history as a resource, investment in culture is an investment in development. To improve the effectiveness and efficiency of state management, the Ministry should focus on formulating strategies and planning; building institutions, mechanisms and policies; develop tools to mobilize resources; guide and conduct inspection, supervision and inspection; reward and discipline. In the context of resources, time is limited, tasks, many jobs, requirements, high demands, need to choose, focus on key tasks, key features of "lever, fulcrum, fulcrum" , has a spillover effect. Issues that are "ripe", clear, proven to be true by practice, effectively implemented, and approved by the majority, shall continue to be implemented; For issues that have not been regulated or exceeded, they are boldly piloted, done while learning from experience, gradually expanding, not perfectionist, not in a hurry. The Prime Minister asked to strengthen decentralization, decentralization, personalize individual responsibilities, strengthen supervision and inspection, "anything goes to the Ministry, 10 times more personnel cannot do it". For example, cultural and sports centers, parks, theaters, stadiums, cultural villages, etc. can all mobilize resources from society, the problem is to always think and explore. , propose appropriate ways, institutions and policies. These units must develop in the direction of autonomy, promote public-private cooperation, remove subsidies, "if the old mechanism is maintained, no amount of money from the State budget will be lacking". On the basis of taking internal resources as basic, strategic, long-term, decisive, including undertakings, policies, mechanisms, ways to mobilize resources, people are the center, the subject, the goal, As a driving force and resource for development, the industry needs to promote public-private cooperation, closely and effectively coordinate with ministries, sectors and agencies to mobilize synergy.

Promoting the application of science and technology, grasping the trends of the times, building a digital economy, digital society, digital management

The Prime Minister asked the industry to focus on "a number of specific key tasks" in the coming time, first of all, to develop and implement an action program to implement the Resolution of the 13th Party Congress on the basis of sticking to reality, and assigned functions, tasks and powers, create resources and focus resources for 3 strategic breakthroughs.

Promote the application of science and technology, grasp the trend of the times to have the right direction, especially building a digital economy, digital society, digital management, this issue has guidelines and policies. In general, the industry must boldly deploy effectively and appropriately to the situation.

To attach importance to the construction of a clean and strong Party; improve the leadership capacity and combat strength of Party organizations and Party members in the industry. Strictly implement the Resolutions of the 4th Party Central Committee, term XI and XII on Party building and rectification, in association with the implementation of Directive No. 05-CT/TW of the Politburo on promoting learning and following ideology and morality. , Ho Chi Minh style, synchronized with the implementation of regulations set an example. Building a lean, effective and efficient apparatus, organization and staff according to Resolutions No. 18-NQ/TW, Resolution No. 19-NQ/TW; build a contingent of qualified, capable and reputable cadres, on par with their duties according to Resolution No. 26-NQ/TW. Promote the application of information technology, decentralization and decentralization to reform administrative procedures, cut cumbersome procedures.

Focus on perfecting institutions, mechanisms and policies to bring into play the endogenous strength of the country and the nation, on the basis of sticking to reality, starting from reality, respecting reality, taking reality as its priority. measure, forecast, firmly grasp the situation to lead, direct, amend and supplement regulations and organize the implementation accordingly. For example, COVID-19 has caused great consequences and losses, but it is also an opportunity to develop digital technology, a digital economy and a digital society.

Focus on developing the field of art, this is a difficult and specific field, must have appropriate and appropriate policies. To develop the cultural industry, the entertainment industry on the basis of the nation's culture, historical traditions, differentiating potential, outstanding opportunities, competitive advantages of the country and achievements of the revolution. Industry 4. "Must be based on our own culture and traditions to be able to develop sustainably and long-term".

Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Nguyen Van Hung reported at the meeting (Photo: VGP)

The tourism industry needs to promote the spirit of "in the difficult, reveal the wisdom", maintain operations, find a way to live with the pandemic.
Appreciating the rapid development of the tourism industry in recent years, the Prime Minister also said that the tourism potential is still very large and has not been fully exploited due to limitations in institutions, tourism infrastructure and methods of tourism. , management thinking, image promotion, brand building.

Sharing with the tourism industry about the heavy impacts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Prime Minister suggested promoting the spirit of "in the difficult, revealing the wisdom", and working with the Government to implement the most suitable way to live together. With the pandemic, maintaining production and business on the basis of the "5K+vaccine" strategy, creating conditions for businesses to join in the fight against COVID-19, in search of a vaccine. “Closing immediately is too easy, while fighting the epidemic and maintaining production and business, we need to think and discuss. The more difficult the situation, the more it requires the bravery and wisdom of the leader, if overcome, it will strengthen the trust of partners", the Prime Minister shared and mentioned that Bac Giang has implemented the model. both production and arrangement for workers to eat and stay at the factory. The industry also needs to attach importance to tourism branding.


Formulate a strategy for the development of Vietnamese sports, select strong sports on the basis of practical summaries and scientific research, from which there are appropriate and effective development tasks and solutions.

The Prime Minister requested to attach importance to information and communication work, mobilize people to adopt a new cultural lifestyle, fight against manifestations of moral and cultural degradation, and promote policy communication so that people know. , discussed, done, checked, supervised, shared with difficulties, enjoyed the results, inspired, created confidence for people to actively cooperate and participate in the common cause.

The Prime Minister asked the culture, sports and tourism industry to absolutely not be subjective in the prevention of the COVID-19 epidemic, in the spirit that each person can protect themselves, that is, to protect public health, protect the interests of the nation. agencies and units that can protect themselves are contributing to the protection of the whole country, both producing and fighting against epidemics and epidemics for production and production to contribute to anti-epidemic.

The Prime Minister basically agreed with the recommendations of the Ministry, assigned Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam to directly deal with specifics.

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