The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism "flaps the flag" to restart tourism activities in the country

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Right from the beginning of September 2021, in the context of the domestic epidemic gradually being controlled, implementing the Government's Resolution 63/NQ-CP, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism has urgently advised the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to issue Plan 3228/ Science-BVHTTDL deploys policies to stimulate demand, restore tourism and travel activities.

Ha Long Bay (Photo: Internet)

Restarting tourism activities - the key to helping businesses overcome difficulties

After a long period of stagnation due to the impact of the epidemic, the resumption of tourism activities is of great significance, especially for the business community in order to gradually overcome difficulties and catch up in the future. new normal conditions. There have been opinions that the best support policy for tourism businesses is to reopen, especially in the context that the business's resilience is gradually exhausted.

The requirement is to ensure the dual goal of preventing and combating the epidemic while recovering and developing socio-economics; harmonious combination between disease prevention and control and tourism and travel activities.


The solution to restore the domestic and international tourism market has been set out in the Ministry's plan, in which a communication campaign to stimulate tourism will be launched with the message "Vietnamese people travel to Vietnam". and "Safe and attractive Vietnam tourism". At the same time, piloting safe international arrivals in Phu Quoc (Kien Giang). On that basis, prepare to gradually expand to destinations throughout the country, including Ha Long (Quang Ninh), Hoi An (Quang Nam), Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa), Da Lat (Lam Dong)...

In the new normal, travel safety is always a top goal. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism's Plan 3228 sets out the primary task of ensuring safety at the destination and safety for tourists. In which, there are 3 important factors: vaccination for people and tourism workers; ensure the safety of tourist destinations and establishments; creating favorable conditions for travel for domestic and international tourists with vaccination certificates.

Supporting this goal, digital transformation and technology application are considered breakthrough solutions to ensure safe tourism for destinations, service providers and tourists. In particular, the core is "Safe Vietnam Tourism" application for tourists, Covid-19 safety registration and declaration system ( for tourists. tourism service establishments and vaccination number certification system (

Safe Vietnam Tourism application developed by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism

In addition, it is necessary to support tourism businesses to connect, introduce and sell products more conveniently on the network environment, exploit added value from digital platforms. Tourism businesses are encouraged to build demand-stimulating product packages with incentives and commitment to quality; market reconnection both online and in person.

Another important solution is to develop tourism products to meet the change of market demand after the impact of the epidemic, focusing on developing products and services for night tourism, tourism associated with food. , agricultural tourism, eco-tourism, golf tourism, health care tourism... The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism also encourages businesses to improve the efficiency of linkages and cooperation in building product and service chains that can complementarity with each other.


Along with that, it will continue to propose mechanisms and policies to support businesses to overcome difficulties and restore operations; support the development of human resources to meet the requirements of tourism recovery.


In this plan, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism assigned the General Department of Tourism to guide the implementation of measures to ensure safety in tourism activities; coordinate in organizing communication and promotion of safe and attractive Vietnamese tourist destinations; propose and implement mechanisms and policies to support businesses, develop human resources to meet the requirements of recovering tourism and travel activities.


Departments of tourism management are responsible for advising the People's Committee of the province/city in implementing policies and measures to stimulate demand and restore tourism in the area. The ministry also proposed the Vietnam Tourism Association and tourism businesses to coordinate in proposing mechanisms and policies to support tourism businesses to restore business operations, train and retrain workers; well implement regulations on safe tourism; link and deploy product and service packages to stimulate tourism demand.

Many localities in the country are gradually opening their doors to tourists

After the plan to stimulate demand and restore tourism of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism was issued, in the past few days, the tourism industry has witnessed an exciting atmosphere in many localities throughout the country actively planning to open their doors to tourists. return under good disease control conditions. Pick-up activities are also associated with epidemic prevention measures such as vaccination, negative testing, etc.

From September 13, Vinh Phuc reopened a number of activities at areas, tourist attractions, scenic spots, golf courses, physical training and sports facilities for local guests, but not beyond 50% capacity.

In Ba Ria - Vung Tau, from September 15, domestic tourists can visit 4 tourist establishments in the "green zone" districts of Con Dao, Xuyen Moc, Chau Duc and Dat Do with a self-contained tour. The program will be piloted by the province until October 30, 2021, evaluating the results and making plans for the next phase.

Can Gio, Ho Chi Minh City (Photo: Internet)

Starting from September 19, Can Gio district (HCMC) officially piloted the restoration of tourism activities with a self-contained tour, visiting a number of places such as: War Forest Sac, tourist area Dan Xay, Vam Sat Tourist Area and Phuong Nam Pearl Tourist Area. It is expected that tourism activities will be piloted until the end of September 2021, after which the district will evaluate, if favorable, it will loosen further, allowing more tourism units to participate in organizing activities. . In addition, other economic activities such as entertainment services, dining ... are also calculated by the district to have a step-by-step opening schedule.

The cities of Ha Long, Mong Cai, Uong Bi and Cam Pha in Quang Ninh from September 20-21 have also in turn reopened a number of service and tourism activities for domestic tourists. It is expected that in the coming November and December, Quang Ninh will combine domestic tourism stimulus with attracting foreign tourists.


In mid-October, Khanh Hoa will open intra-provincial tourism activities, focusing on stimulating tourism demand in areas where the epidemic has been controlled, encouraging "enterprises" to open tours and routes in "green areas" to attract people. in the local resort. After the intra-provincial tourism comes into operation stably, Khanh Hoa will continue to relax to attract tourists who have had 2 doses of Covid-19 vaccine in neighboring provinces with national highways. connecting with Khanh Hoa such as Phu Yen, Lam Dong, Binh Thuan... At the same time, the province is preparing steps to propose to welcome international tourists with "vaccine passports".

Quang Nam is planning to welcome domestic tourists from provinces and cities that have controlled the Covid-19 epidemic and tourists who have had enough vaccines to visit Hoi An ancient town and My Son Sanctuary. safe under new conditions. The province is also planning to propose the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Government to allow international visitors after Phu Quoc pilot.

Hopefully with consensus, determination to act, close coordination between the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, ministries, branches, localities, tourism associations, solutions to stimulate demand and restore tourism will be implemented effectively, bringing the tourism industry step by step to overcome difficulties, making positive contributions to the country's socio-economic recovery in the new context.

According to the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism




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