Na Hang prepares conditions to welcome tourists

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As a highland district famous for tourism in the lake bed, hydroelectricity and scenic spots, the unique cultural features of ethnic minorities, the central task of Na Hang district at this time is to stimulate demand and develop tourism. calendar.

In order to attract tourists to the locality after the Covid-19 epidemic is under control, the People's Committee of Na Hang district has directed the District Culture and Information Department to actively develop a communication plan on tourist attractions, coordinate with localities to arrange equipment to ensure the establishment of safe corridors, implementing the 5K message of the Ministry of Health. Mr. Hoang Minh Dang, Head of the District Culture and Information Office, said that after the decision to relax social distancing was made, the People's Committee of Na Hang district directed the Culture and Information Department to promote propaganda for business households. Tourism services signed a commitment to stabilize service prices, not increase prices, "chop off" tourists, ensure safety for visitors when visiting Na Hang ecological lake. The Culture and Information Department of the district has held meetings and dialogues with businesses, propagated the strict observance of documents directing the prevention and control of COVID-19 epidemic, encouraging businesses and cooperatives to cooperate and support. each other, prioritizing the use of each other's services and products.

Na Hang district soon restores the night market in Na Hang town to attract tourists.

Mr. Tran Quoc Vien, Director of Nga Vien Trade and Tourism Co., Ltd., residential group 3, Na Hang town, said that the company has invested nearly 20 billion dong in Mo waterfall tourist area with over 12 hectares, in which the bathing area at Mo waterfall is more than 3,000 m2, the amusement park, the motel area, the food service area, the tourist service area. In addition, the company also invested in 4 tourist boats to serve tourists to visit Mo waterfall, Pac Ta temple, Coc Vai, Khuoi Nhi waterfall, Song Long cave... After this epidemic, he and many businesses Tourism business in the district is committed to creating a beautiful image of service quality, the people of Na Hang are hospitable and friendly. Ms. Chuu Thi Thoi, owner of Ha Thoi restaurant, group 8, Na Hang town shared that the restaurant focuses on food safety, making unique dishes of ethnic minorities such as sour pork, wild vegetables, fish. grilled, buffalo meat, dried buffalo skin, cilantro... to impress visitors.

In addition, the People's Committee of Na Hang district also actively encourages the association of tourism and travel businesses throughout the country, while focusing on the quality of tours. Currently, in the district, there are 22 motels, hotels and 15 homestay tourism households. Mr. Nguyen Viet Cuong, Director of Viet Cuong Hotel, Na Hang town said that to prepare for this year's tourist season, the hotel has remodeled and upgraded rooms to suit the needs of customers, invested in all new blankets, sheets, pillows, cushions... The hotel organizes training courses to improve the professionalism of the front desk staff. At the same time, there will be appropriate policies to attract tourists to Na Hang.

Over the years, Na Hang district has been active in improving the quality of tourism staff. The Center for Vocational Education - Continuing Education of the district actively opens training and vocational training courses to guide people in tourism skills. The district also increased investment in crowded facilities, transport infrastructure, built a night market to stimulate tourism demand, promoted local culture and cuisine, established Then and Pao singing clubs. content, ensuring environmental sanitation and tourist service conditions associated with tourist tours, producing souvenir products with local characteristics... The whole district currently has more than 20 Then singing clubs. Through the propaganda sessions, people have been aware of the benefits of preserving the heritage, writing and costumes of the nation.

In mid-June, Mrs. Do Hai Hong, group 10, Tan Quang ward (Tuyen Quang city) and her friends went to Na Hang to travel to the lake bed to "escape" the hot days under the city. She shared, she has been to Na Hang many times, but each time is a new experience. After the epidemic, she saw that the locality recommended tourists to disinfect, wear masks when sailing, especially the service is very reasonable, the staff is dedicated and pleasant.

In order to stimulate tourism demand in addition to specific jobs in terms of service quality, Na Hang District People's Committee is planning to continue to invite investment and support businesses to implement projects to create tourism products. improve the quality of tourism human resources. At the same time, encourage tourism business units and individuals to actively research the market, implement many solutions to stimulate tourism demand, increase attractiveness for tourists, prioritize investment in repair of facilities. facilities, renovating the tourist space to better serve the needs of visitors.

According to Tuyen Quang Online Newspaper


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