Lam Binh lake bed tourism - An attractive tourist destination of Tuyen Quang

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Lam Binh is a mountainous district of Tuyen Quang province, endowed by nature with a diverse ecosystem

Lam Binh is a mountainous district of Tuyen Quang province, endowed by nature with a diverse ecosystem, with many majestic landscapes, charming landscapes, and a place to keep special traditional cultural values. ethnic minorities in the region. Besides, the water surface area of ​​Lam Binh - Na Hang ecological lake is over 8,000 ha, of which Lam Binh has over 4,000 ha, has become a large lake area with many beautiful landscapes. Therefore, the district has implemented mechanisms and policies to encourage investment in tourism development in order to mobilize resources to attract investment, focusing on Lang Can, Thuong Lam, Khuon Ha, Phuc Yen and Lang Can communes. ecological lakebed area. Focus on developing and replicating the homestay community tourism model, encouraging the development of tourism services such as experience services, souvenirs....

Coming to this place, we will experience the overlapping landscapes between clouds - mountains and lake water:

Looking down from above, the majestic mountains are rising from the vast lake water, majestic natural beauty.

Visitors can experience kayaking or surfing in the beautiful lake bed

Visiting on the lake bed in addition to the beautiful scenery of the unspoiled area, visitors can also admire "Coc Vai". Coc Vai was originally a stone column hundreds of meters high located deep in the area of 99 limestone mountains in Thuong Lam area (Lam Binh - Tuyen Quang). Before there was hydroelectric lake water, few people came to this place because the terrain was too difficult. When the lake water rises, it becomes easier to visit the sights by boat. Coming here, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery while listening to the story of the giant man who built a dam to prevent water for the villagers but do not want to leave the pristine and mysterious ...


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