"Bringing wings" tourism brand of Tuyen

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Promoting the role of shock, union members and youth in the province have had creative ways to promote the "smokeless industry" of the province. From introducing through social networks, establishing homestay models to participating in building a chain of tourism products... has contributed to raising the tourism value of Tuyen.

Create a highlight for tourism

Tourism in the highlands with beautiful scenery, many delicious dishes... but that is not enough because tourism wants to develop in the long run, it needs diversity, giving visitors many rich experiences. It is from such thinking that many young people have their own ways to create remarkable highlights in combination with promoting the local tourism image.

Referring to the name Giang Thi Sao, many people in the mountain town of Na Hang are not strange. A few years ago, she was known as one of the rare masters of the Mong ethnic group in the region. Ms. Sao studied at the University of Pedagogy, was accepted by many places to work, but suddenly she returned to her hometown to grow strawberries. Sao said, going to school, going to many places, seeing people developing tourism but craving, many models of fruit trees and flower gardens become the ideal check-in point for tourists. She always has a hard time returning to her hometown because in Na Hang, her hometown has a lot of potential, many beautiful scenes, delicious food, but lacks experience models for tourists to be "role-played".

Tourists buy bamboo utensils, a tourism product of young people in Lam Binh district.

With her thoughts, Giang Thi Sao has created an ideal place for visitors to experience, can be a farmer, grow strawberries, harvest strawberries from their own farm. Visitors do not lose anything but only buy strawberry products from her farm. Thanks to that, when it comes to Na Hang, many tourists have paid more attention to this land because of its diversity, strawberries are no longer the product of famous tourist countries like Da Lat or Sa Pa anymore... but already become a tourist product of Na Hang today.

Thanks to the quickness of her youth, Dang Thi Duong, a Dao girl from the top of the high mountain in Hong Thai commune, has opened a channel to promote the beauty of her homeland on facebook and youtube quite effectively. There are videos and photos she "released" online, attracting thousands of likes and sharing the beautiful scenes of her homeland with friends from all over the world. Duong Bao, the day before, I studied at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Hanoi, well-versed in computer science, and knew many friends, so I asked each of them to share to promote the tourist land of Tuyen. Promoting the tourism image of the homeland is also a responsibility and a solution to help people in their hometown have more income, agricultural products made by their relatives such as shan Tuyet tea, pears ... are improved. value when one day more people know.

Not only Giang Thi Sao and Dang Thi Duong, but also many union members and young people with the advantage of going to school, having qualifications, and being able to use smart devices have enhanced, promoted and introduced. pictures of Tuyen Quang tourism on the internet. Thanks to that, the landscapes and tourist sites in the province have been known by many people, thereby contributing to attracting more and more tourists when coming to Tuyen Quang.

Photos of tourism in Hong Thai commune are shared on Fanpage Dang Duong Homestay.

Unleash the power of youth

If anyone has ever traveled in the highland district of Lam Binh, they will be impressed with the homestay models of the people here. According to research, most homestay models with traditional stilt houses are managed and developed by young people. As young people doing homestay services, they have boldly expanded the service, effectively promoted through social networks such as Facebook, Youtube, Zalo... Just type in google the words Tuyen Quang homestay, homestay Lam Binh... is displaying a series of results with information about homestays such as Tai Ngao, Tong Sung, Nam Dip, A Phu, Chuu Van Tuy... with photos, descriptions and contact phone numbers. full. From there, customers can order services remotely.

Mr. Thai Khac Dung from Thai Nguyen city said that he knew about Na Hang - Lam Binh eco-tourism area through a photo taken of Coc Vai on facebook of a young man from Lam Binh who studied at Thai Nguyen University. When coming to Lam Binh to travel, he was really overwhelmed by the charming image of the country and really when he came to reality, he felt the enthusiasm of the youth force here when doing tourism. He is impressed with the utensils in the meal that do not use trays but are used from natural products, some tourism products of young people such as cups, cups... are all made from very unique bamboo.

At present, with a large number of union members and young people, it is considered a strength if each union member and young person is a "tourist consultant", surely the tourism image of Tuyen will continue to grow. more and more people know. Comrade Pham Thi Bich Huong, Secretary of Tuyen Quang Youth Union, said that the Youth Union has directed unions to promote propaganda activities so that union members and young people can actively participate in tourism promotion activities. locality. Many of the city's previous tourism activities such as Thanh Tuyen Festival, Boat Race on Lo River... have been effectively promoted by union members and young people.

In the context of the complicated Covid-19 epidemic, when general activities including tourism are seriously affected, the propaganda and promotion of tourism has been shifted to an appropriate direction, safely adapting to the environment. Disease. Youth union members and youth shared articles about tourist attractions in the "green zone", encouraging union members and young people to build experiential tourism models associated with orchards and child rearing models. specialties"; building tourism products associated with the province's strengths, promoting the introduction of My Lam mineral spring tourist area, Na Hang - Lam Binh nature reserve via the Internet.

Currently, just go to google and type the words "Tourism Tuyen Quang", "homestay Tuyen Quang", "mid-autumn festival Tuyen Quang"... are thousands of articles and addresses to propagate and promote tourism in the country. Tuyen with very rich approaches. Many products bearing the brand name of Tuyen such as tea, oranges, pomelo... have become trademarks in the market. Having the above results shows that the direction and orientation in tourism promotion and development activities of the province is increasingly on the right track. In addition, it must be affirmed that the significant participation of people from all walks of life, especially union members and young people taking the lead in promoting and developing tourism and local products has really "wing wings" so that Tuyen's tourism brand can fly far away.

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