Office of the President - Prime Minister

Thon Lap Binh, Binh Yen commune, Son Duong District, Tuyen Quang Province



On December 19, 1946, the nationwide resistance war broke out, President Ho Chi Minh, together with the Office of the Central Committee of the Party and the Government, left Hanoi capital to go to the Viet Bac war zone to continue leading our people to conduct the war. the long-term resistance against the French colonialists. In February 1947, all officers and employees of the Office of the President of the Government went to Tan Trao (Tuyen Quang) - the safe zone of the Government of the Resistance. According to the Government's Directive, the Office of the President was located in Hong Thai village (now Ca village, Tan Trao commune) with the alias of Platoon 555, then renamed the August Information Department and the Forest Protection Department. 13. In mid-1948, after changing many locations, the Office of the President was moved to the area Rang waterfall, on the bank of Pho Day river, in Lap Binh village. Here, the terrain is difficult, the people are patriotic, wholeheartedly loyal to the Government, ensuring to keep secrets, and at the same time convenient to contact the residence and work of President Ho Chi Minh, China. Party Central Committee and other agencies of the Party Central Committee and the Government. The Office of the President of the Government at this time was assigned the task of acting as a focal point to coordinate with functional agencies to arrange and arrange for ministries, departments, branches of the Government and central agencies to station in a number of locations. villages and hamlets in the Safe Zone. This is the last agency to complete the document to issue decrees of the President, decrees, circulars of the Prime Minister as well as documents of the Supreme National Defense Council; is the place to summarize the situation and reports of the ministries, the administrative committees of the inter-regions and the provinces to report to the President, the Prime Minister and convey the direction of the President and the Prime Minister to the President and the Prime Minister. ministries, branches and localities, serving the external activities of the Party and the Government.

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