Tan Trao Special National Historic Site

Thon Tan Lap, Tan Trao commune, Son Duong District, Tuyen Quang Province



The Tan Trao Special National Historic Site is located in the southeast of Tuyen Quang province, including 12 communes in the ATK zone in two districts of Yen Son and Son Duong. Tan Trao is a mountainous area with thousands of caves, rich natural resources, beautiful scenery, a place where ethnic minorities live, where there are many famous historical sites associated with history. Ethnic Vietnam. Tan Trao with famous places such as Lan Na Na (Na Lua), Tan Trao banyan tree, Tan Trao communal house, Hong Thai communal house, Hang Bong shack, Dong Man - Lung Tau, Khau Lau - Vuc Ho, Rang Lap waterfall Binh, ATK - Kim Quan... Where the Party Central Committee, National Assembly, Government, Front, President Ho Chi Minh and the leaders of the Party and State lived and worked during two revolutionary periods and resistance wars to regain independence, freedom and peace for the Vietnamese people. Tan Trao historical relic site has gone down in history, is the honor and pride of the people of Tuyen Quang province in particular and the whole country in general with the mark of "Capital of the Liberation Zone" in the past. the general uprising to take power to the people in August 1945; "Capital of the Resistance in the long-term resistance war against the French colonialists (1974-7954).

With over 177 monuments and clusters of historical and cultural relics associated with unique cultural identities and pristine landscapes, Tan Trao is an attractive destination for tourists. On December 22, 2017, Tan Trao Special National Historic Site was approved by the Prime Minister of the Master Plan for development of Tan Trao National Tourist Area to 2030.

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