Linh Thong Temple

To 6, Tan Ha Ward, Tuyen Quang City, Tuyen Quang Province



Linh Thong Pagoda "Linh Thong Tu", is located on the hill of group 10, Tan Ha ward, Tuyen Quang city. The pagoda existed more than a hundred years ago. Formerly belonging to Xuan Ang village, Ỷ La commune, Trung Mon canton, An Son government (Yen Son, Tuyen Quang). And named Lang Yen Pagoda, through the process of formation and development, the temple has undergone two moves and many embellishments. In 2007, Tuyen Quang province had a decision No. 487/QD-UBND, recognizing Linh Thong Pagoda as a provincial and city-level architectural and artistic relic. Up to now, the temple has continued to be embellished and upgraded, in accordance with the aspirations of monks, nuns, Buddhists and hundreds of families.

Mr. Le  Xuan Dien, the leader of the pagoda management team said: - Previously, there were three communal houses in the village, namely Xuan Ang communal house, Tran Gia communal house, Tan Ha family, worshiping the kings father Ngoc Hoang; The Holy Mother Trinity; The Five Tons Ong; Adoration of Luc Chau Nhi; Miss Double Rose Tree; Duc Tran Trieu; Son Trang; Model Thuong Thien; Five Ton Quan; Stratum bodhisattva; Duc Ong Palace; Thanh Hien Palace; Quan Dai Than… that day, there was only a small bamboo house. In 1973, the temple of Lang Yen on Chuu hill moved up this hill and named it Linh Thong pagoda, built a pavilion and a temple next to the temple, for the convenience of visitors from all over the world to pray for peace. meet the needs of the spiritual life, the place of cultural activities of the residents. In 2000, the pagoda was completely overhauled and its architecture in the style of Dinh includes the front hall and the upper palace.

In front of the front hall, is a large courtyard paved with Bat Trang tiles, where the statue of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara is located. The front hall, is a three-chambered architecture with a gabled wall, the roof is covered with hook tiles, the roof bank is covered with two dragons adoring the moon, the left compartment worships the holy monk, the character associated with wisdom for sentient beings. like Amitabha Buddha. The holy monk is at the head of the Sangha at all times, at the head of the Three Jewels "Buddha - Dharma - Sangha". The Buddha created the teachings, the Dharma was the teaching, the Sangha was the one who held the teachings to teach. The right space in the middle of the front hall is a five-color banner, embroidered with six Chinese characters with gold thread: Nam Mo Amitabha Buddha. To the right of the front hall is the altar to worship Mother Thuong Thien and Mother Thuong Ngan. Above the altar hang three lanterns, a characteristic of Vietnamese Mother religion.
In 2016, monk Thich Minh Quang, chairman of Dia Tang pagoda, Liem Son commune, Thanh Liem district, Ha Nam province bought a statue of King Di Tang Vuong  Bodhisattva, merit for the temple, worth 110 million VND. In 2017, the family of Ms. Ung Thi Hoa, from Quang Ninh province went to the temple to pray for peace, found it very sacred and saw that the temple still had many difficulties, her family had the heart to complete the construction of the Tam Quan Gate, worth nearly 400 USD. million dong.

Entering the front temple, visitors can easily see two ordination paintings, placed in a solemn position of the Nguyen Dynasty, the 9th year of King Khai Dinh's reign, given to Xuan Ang village, Ỷ La commune, Trung Mon canton, Yen Son, Tuyen Quang, worshiped two great gods "Cao Son - Dai Vuong - Ton Than" ordained, "Trac Vi Duc Bao Trung Hung Thuong Dang God" and Ngat Son Dai Vuong worshiped god was ordained as "Nung Duc Bao Trung". honoring god", because he has made merits to the people, protecting the country, except love, allowing worship to protect and protect all peoples.

The pagoda is located on a high hill, so it can look out on all sides of the city, in the west is the field of Ỷ La as far as the eye can see; North; Northeast; The Southeast is the winding Lo River that surrounds the city, creating a charming landscape, going to the temple in summer, the wind blowing from all directions is very comfortable, the road to the temple is luxuriant with branches and leaves. shaded the whole road by village bamboo ramps, the bends to the temple are poured with clean and airy concrete, visitors to the temple immediately encounter the majestic and majestic Tam Quan Gate, still having the smell of the throne. Painted, the jade orchid splits its branches and stands in the middle of the temple yard, spreading white flowers, emitting a fragrant aroma throughout the temple area.

In front of the temple gate, on the right side, there is a statue of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara standing solemnly in remembrance of Buddha. On the left side of the pagoda is a statue of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, majestic and majestic, followed by an altar to worship Mother Thuong Thien and Son Than of the native land. Right next to it is a very beautiful rockery, clear blue water with a very sacred stone turtle that is unknown when it was carved.

An old story says that once upon a time, there was a person who used to play with antiques and bought   from a villager, without knowing that this was a turtle guarding the temple. Since the day he bought the old turtle, his family has never been at peace, or conflicts with families, clans, and neighboring villages arise. After that, someone told me that it was a god tortoise, sent down to the earth to look at temples and pagodas! So he quickly brought the old turtle up and sent it to this Linh Thong pagoda. Since then, the antiques merchant's family has been peaceful, business is also prosperous, the rain is favorable and windy, the crops are lush, the people are safe and the things are prosperous, but the temple also attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world to enjoy. , merit, pray for peace is very sacred.

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