Temple of President Ho Chi Minh

Khu Quang truong Nguyen Tat Thanh, Tan Quang Ward, Tuyen Quang City, Tuyen Quang Province



To remember President Ho Chi Minh's great contribution to the nation, peace and progress for mankind, and at the same time to show the affection of the Party Committee, government and people of the ethnic groups in Tuyen Quang province for him. The Standing Committee of Tuyen Quang Provincial Party Committee consulted the Central Committee and decided to build a temple of President Ho Chi Minh at the foot of Tho Son mountain in association with the group of monuments "Uncle Ho and the people of all ethnic groups in Tuyen Quang province". in the campus of Nguyen Tat Thanh Square. It was in this square area, in 1961, that the Party Committee, authorities and people of Tuyen Quang province were honored to have Uncle Ho visit and talk.

It has been 70 years since Uncle Ho returned to revolutionary activities on the safe land of the old Tuyen Quang area. Now Tuyen Quang has changed a lot, people can live in peace, independence, prosperity, freedom and happiness. According to the wishes of the people of ethnic groups in the province, on February 19, 2013, the Provincial People's Committee officially held the groundbreaking ceremony to build the Temple of President Ho Chi Minh. The Department of Construction is assigned to be the investor of the project, the consulting unit for making investment projects is Vietnam Fine Arts and Construction Joint Stock Company, the design unit is Minh Khai Construction and Trading Joint Stock Company. (Hanoi), the construction unit is Thinh Hung Company Limited (Tuyen Quang), the supervisory unit is Tuyen Quang Construction Consulting Joint Stock Company. The capital for the construction of the Temple comes from the local budget and socialization capital.

The temple of President Ho Chi Minh is designed in the shape of Dinh with 3 compartments, 2 wings and 2 harem compartments with an area of ​​​​155 m2. If including the basement, the yard, the way up and down, the hut, the temple has a scale of up to 615 m2 in the overall campus is 2,300 m2. The temple is made mainly of ironwood, natural green stone, red-brown comedy nose tiles. Good artisans from famous craft villages are carefully selected by contractors, invited for construction, ensuring the quality and art of the works. After more than a year of urgent construction, on August 16, 2014, the work held a ceremony to honor Uncle Ho's statue. According to the design, the statue of President Ho Chi Minh is cast in bronze, 1.72 m high, weighing 1.4 tons, constructed by Duong Ba Manh Co., Ltd. This is a famous bronze casting unit of Nam Dinh province. The author who composed, performed and co-constructed Uncle Ho's statue was sculptor Nguyen Phu Cuong, Deputy Director of the Department of Fine Arts, Photography and Exhibition - Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Currently, the statue of Uncle Ho and the altars in the Temple are arranged according to the traditional customs of the Vietnamese people. The temple has an invitation bell, a guestbook desk for groups of tourists. The main room has the big letter "Truong Dai Quang Minh" and two couplets written by Professor, Hero of Labor Vu Khieu: "The bright light of Tuyen Quang pink day shines for thousands of miles of land/Sacred Qi of the Viet Bac Dau lord. towards millions of people”. Professor Vu Khieu's two couplets are very perfect: The sacred air of the Viet Bac boss for the bright light of Tuyen Quang, the red sun that shines for thousands of miles of land is for the star that orients millions of people. The sun shines the way and the star is Uncle Ho, the Vietnamese revolution that lights the way, orienting the values ​​of progressive and civilized life for millions of people. The Vietnamese revolution also came from Tuyen Quang and from Viet Bac so... The temple with a couple of parallel sentences reminds us of the poem To Huu in the Viet Bac song "Where is the enemy's gloom/Looking up at Viet Bac, Uncle Ho where the light shines/Where the race is painful/Looks back to Viet Bac and sustains it".

The inner compartment of the Temple is dedicated to Uncle Ho's father and mother.

After the Temple was completed, the Department of Construction handed over the entire project to the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism for management. The Management Board of President Ho Chi Minh's Temple has been established and is open to welcome tourists inside and outside the province to visit and offer incense. Since the project was put into use, there have been many leaders of the Party and State, international delegations, leaders of ministries, central agencies, leaders of provinces, cities and people. Visitors from all over the world come to offer incense and visit. Everyone has the same feeling, this is a meaningful cultural and spiritual work, a beautiful and harmonious architecture in the heart of the city. Right on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of Uncle Ho's birthday this year, our province held the inauguration ceremony of Nguyen Tat Thanh Square and the monument "Uncle Ho and the people of all ethnic groups in Tuyen Quang province". Thus, the connecting space between Nguyen Tat Thanh Square and President Ho Chi Minh's Temple will be complete, forming a whole, a highlight in the architectural space of the young city of Tuyen Quang. This will definitely be the "red address" of the source, a meaningful stop for tourists from all over the world when visiting the land and people of Tuyen Quang.

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