Tuyen Quang Provincial Museum

Phuong Phan Thiet, Phan Thiet Ward, Tuyen Quang City, Tuyen Quang Province



Tuyen Quang Museum today was built and put into use from 7/2010. Tuyen Quang Provincial Museum building was built at group 19, Phan Thiet ward (Tuyen Quang city). The area of ​​land used according to the approved planning is 18,318m2. The work is divided into two packages, by the contractors Thanh An Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company 665; Hanoi Housing Development and Investment Joint Stock Company built. The work includes many items: the museum building consists of 3 floors, the construction area is more than 1,200m2; Auxiliary works: Embankment to prevent landslide around the main yard; the path to the museum house, the bridge connecting the museum house with the memorial area; gardens, roads. The architecture of the museum building is shown in the form of ancient architecture, including 1 main roof in the middle and 4 sloping roof systems at 4 corners of the house, strong, arranged in a square with beveled 4 corners to create space. space for all views from the park lake.

Tuyen Quang Museum is not only a place to store and display tangible and intangible cultural heritages; historical and cultural relics, scenic spots, but also perform the function of scientific research reflecting the development process in all aspects of the province. From the perspective of historical tourism, cultural tourism, the project is also a destination of Tuyen Quang people in particular, the whole country in general and international tourists. In particular, the interior and garden display sections are designed according to the detailed display outline content, eliminating the minutiae and duplication in order to create attractiveness for the public from external appearance to historical artifacts. history and culture.

The museum has a display area of ​​1,600 m2 is divided into 4 parts: the ceremony space and 3 large thematic exhibition space according to the themes.

The ceremony space starts from the central exhibition space of the museum, where the tour begins. The first impressive image is a wooden relief with an area of ​​​​100 m2 with Na Naa shack, Tan Trao banyan tree. , Tan Lap village - The image of "Capital of the Liberation Zone" combines with the display of beautiful landscape photos, photos of the history and culture of Tuyen Quang land.

Theme 1: is organized into a sub-headline on natural conditions - economic potentials of Tuyen Quang province and a sub-title on cultural characteristics of ethnic groups in Tuyen Quang.
Theme 2: displaying artifacts and groups of artifacts about Tuyen Quang in prehistoric and early history; history of building and defending the homeland.

Theme 3: Tuyen Quang - Capital of the Liberation Zone - Capital of the Resistance and the road to building socialism.

With the display of artifacts, unique art architecture, beautiful space, the museum has attracted a large number of tourists to visit and historical researchers to learn. In particular, the Museum is displaying fossil remains of primitive people about 12,000 years ago, which are still relatively intact. The remains were excavated at Phia Vai cave (Na Hang). The special thing about this remains is the unique way of burial with 2 sea snails placed in two eye sockets. Along with the original human remains are a kettle with a human head and a bird body in the Ly Dynasty (XI, XII centuries) and two Hegen bronze drums of type 1.

With the diversity, richness and uniqueness of artifacts and groups of objects, Tuyen Quang Museum is considered to have a large scale and number of artifacts in the system of museums in our country. This is also an attractive point, attracting viewers.

Simultaneously with the display activities, Tuyen Quang Provincial Museum also inventoryed 426 intangible cultural heritages and made a dossier of 7 heritages included in the list of National Intangible Cultural Heritage; develop a political outline, an exhibition outline, a plan to display the provincial museum and a number of projects to collect, preserve and restore documents and artifacts... 30 sites, organize the implementation of the project to restore the relic of Bao Ninh Sung Phuc Pagoda and step by step perfect the facilities, display artifacts to serve the people and tourists near and far to visit, admire, contribute to preserving, preserving and promoting the valuable cultural heritage values ​​of the people of ethnic groups in Tuyen Quang province. Currently, Tuyen Quang Museum is keeping records and managing 376 out of a total of nearly 560 relics in Tuyen Quang area, including 93 national relics and 189 provincial relics. Especially, in the past 30 years, Tuyen Quang Museum has collected, kept and preserved 21,500 documents and artifacts, including 14,000 artifacts; 11 collections and artifacts have been built, 90% of documents and artifacts are scientifically inventoryed; requesting the Prime Minister to recognize an artifact as a national treasure; prepare a dossier for recognition of 1 Vietnamese heritage tree.

After 30 years of construction and development, Tuyen Quang Provincial Museum has made great efforts in preserving cultural heritages in the province. Recently, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Tuyen Quang province announced and awarded the Decision of the Provincial People's Committee to rank the Museum Grade II for the Museum of Tuyen Quang Province.

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