Tan Trao communal house

Thon Tan Lap, Tan Trao commune, Son Duong District, Tuyen Quang Province



It is a temple worshiping Thanh Hoang and river gods and mountain gods of Tan Lap village. The communal house was built in Quy Hoi (1923) in the style of stilt houses, wooden pillars with 3 sides of 2 facades, palm-roofed roofs, Under this house, on 16 August 1945, delegates from all parts of the country returned National Congress meeting.

Here, the delegates agreed with the policy of carrying out the Party's general uprising, through the Uprising Order and 10 major policies of the Viet Minh, stipulating that the flag was a red flag of the yellow star, the national anthem was a song of advance. shift and appoint the Vietnam National Liberation Committee, the Provisional Government, chaired by President Ho Chi Minh. On the morning of August 17, 1945, on behalf of the National Committee for Liberation, Uncle Ho read the sacred vow at the National Launching Ceremony here.

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