Mo Waterfall

Thac Pac Ban, Thi tran Na Hang, Na Hang province, Na Hang District, Tuyen Quang Province



100 km from Tuyen Quang town, Mo waterfall is located in the middle of Na Hang nature reserve. The entrance to the waterfall is a winding asphalt road running under the canopy of the primeval forest. From the beautiful blue lake on the top of Pac Ban mountain, each soft, white waterfall falls to the foot of the mountain.

Majestic waterfalls combined with mountain and forest scenery are waiting for adventurous and adventurous tourists. The road to Mo waterfall is relatively convenient. In the distance, the sound of rushing water could be heard. The closer you get to the falls, the colder the climate. Going to the waterfall, visitors seem to be entering a fairyland. The waterfall is hidden at the foot of the mountain, under which is a clear lake. Visitors will board a small canoe to reach the falls. Sitting on a canoe, visitors have the opportunity to relax, freely admire the natural picture "mountain embraces clouds, clouds embrace mountains".

At the foot of the mountain is a clear lake, shimmering like a three-dimensional natural picture. Sitting on a small canoe, visitors will be free to admire the majestic and wild scenery of the mountains, clouds and sky. Seen from below, the waterfall looks like a ladder of white clouds floating. The first waterfall poured violently, throwing white foam. The second waterfall is softer, the water flows in a bunch of wool through each rock.

At the foot of the waterfall is a small clear lake. If you are adventurous, you can dive to the bottom of the lake to admire the magical caves with stalactites of all shapes. The third waterfall is the highest waterfall in the Mo waterfall complex. Water poured down from above like a giant trough. Steam and ice give off a cool look that will dispel fatigue and create excitement for visitors to continue conquering the mountain.

Follow each step of the rope ladder to the rock, you will reach the top of the waterfall. From here, looking out into the distance, you will see Na Hang town with 99 overlapping mountains surrounding it. Visitors can also spread out and take a walk in the primeval forests, step on a giant carpet of leaves, and look at the cheesy, tau, large slices of trees up to a few people hugging.

Stroll into the primeval forest to discover its wonders. The sound of rushing waterfalls, the sound of birds chirping, and the silver sunlight penetrating through the dense foliage make visitors feel like they are reliving prehistoric times.

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