Hop Thanh Burmese

Thon Đong Vang, Luc Hanh Commune, Yen Son District, Tuyen Quang Province



Hop Thanh is a traditional product typical of Thang Loi Cooperative, Luc Hanh Commune, Yen Son District, Tuyen Quang Province.

Hop Thanh grind is very different from other similar products available in the market, that difference comes from raw materials and production technology, with the characteristics of: keeping the characteristic of arrowroot root, Crunchy soft fiber, when cooking is not sticky and crushed, it can be cooked up to 3 times, but the vermicelli is still not broken.
With the content of nutrients beneficial to human health, products of Hop Thanh vermicelli also help prevent obesity, slow down the process of body aging, especially very good for vegetarians and diabetics. ...

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