Temporarily suspending tourism activities at Nam Me . waterfall

01/08/2022 200 0
In order to ensure the safety of tourists, protect the environment and ecology of Nam Me waterfall, Khuon Ha commune (Lam Binh), the People's Committee of Lam Binh district has recently issued a notice to suspend tourism activities here.

Nam Me Waterfall, Khuon Ha Commune (Lam Binh).

In recent years, the number of tourists coming to Nam Me waterfall is increasing, the amount of waste caused by the activities of tourists is large, causing environmental pollution. In particular, the road to the waterfall has a very steep, slippery and dangerous slope. Measures to ensure safety for visitors up and down the waterfall such as handrails, swings, steps up and down ... are not available, causing unsafety to the lives and properties of visitors when visiting and experiencing.

According to TuyenQuang Online Newspaper

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